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Robotic Process Automation

Robocloud is your digital workforce that automates, streamlines and speeds-up your manual business processes 24/7, 365 days a year.

Using Robotic Process Automation to Automate and complete the tasks that nobody wants to do and boost your productivity!

Cloud Software Robots 24/7, 365 days
Flexible Pricing
Fast Implementation
Quick Payback
Flexible Subscriptions

Work. Smarter.

Robocloud offers RPA as a Service to businesses throughout the UK. We have invested in RPA licensing which allows us to offer affordable Robotic Process Automation services to businesses of all sizes, via a simple month subscription. This provides access to our team of digital workers available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Automate your manual business processes utilising our cloud-based software robots who can tackle just about any manual process.

Increase your business productivity today by allowing our digital team to complete the tasks that nobody else wants to do.

We’ve highlighted just some of the manual tasks our software robots can do in the table to the right. Basically if there’s manual data tasks and a repeatable process the robots will tackle it!

Legal Document Automation

Robocloud offers legal document automation services to solicitors and legal companies throughout the UK.  Our team can help automate your manual document processes using the latest technology.

We can help automate legal document processes for any of the following:-

-RTA/Personal Injury

-Financial Misselling/Plevin

-Car Finance PCP MissellingR

Our technology can help integrate data from facebook advertising, websites and other social channels.

Scale up your capability to handle more claims, reduce overheads, improve client services and produce faster settlements.

Faster Settlements
Reduce Overheads
Increase Productivity

Case studies

Robocloud have a wealth of RPA services that drive productivity, increase accuracy and provide cost savings in businesses. Have a look at our range of RPA use cases and case studies below, and see how others have benefited from our unique approach.

Proven expertise

Value of Invoices Processed
Hours Saved
Data Fields Captured Automatically

RPA Business Benefits

Improve Productivity – Our digital workforce can perform manual tasks in a fraction of the time it takes a person to complete.  They work around the clock, providing data for your team to action. Increase productivity for your skilled workforce and improve your bottom line.

Increase Employee Satisfaction – Lots of information and data to validate and process?  Our robots don’t mind. They’ll complete the boring manual data tasks that nobody else wants to do. Allow your workforce to focus on more skilled activities, increasing employee satisfaction and freeing up time.

Improve Accuracy – Our digital workforce will complete your data tasks in a logical, consistent manner. Reduce human error and see an improvement in your data accuracy.  Cleardata’s team can provide a full audit trail for our robot workers.

Better Reporting – Our robots can gather data quickly from multiple business systems, allowing you to have a dashboard showing real-time information in one place. Improve the visibility of your business reporting and make data-driven decisions.

Flexible, Scalable Workforce – Our digital workforce can be accessed to suit your business needs, we can scale the team up or down to suit the peaks and troughs in your work. RPA as a service is accessible via a simple, monthly subscription and can be used as and when required.