Our Approach

Our key steps to a more efficient business…

Developing Apps


We provide an initial consultation to assess your requirements, allowing us to fully understand your business processes and challenges. From this, we’ll then work with you to identify solutions to the areas that will have maximum impact quickest.

The discovery stage is about shifting your perception of how system-related projects can be run, and understanding more about your specific processes that we can and should improve with our technology suite.  This is conducted, alongside you, with Cleardata specialists who are very experienced in business process analysis, solution design and whom are RPA experts to help identify opportunities and challenges expertly.



Once a suitable scenario has been identified we can then provide business and process analysis support or work with your business analysts and key stakeholders, to design and develop a Proof of Concept.  The PoC should then be tested, in a segregated environment, to help build a business case for full implementation.

We will host your customised solution in our dev and test cloud environments, which are a smaller mirror of our production environments.  It’s therefore an opportunity to test any potential showstopper issues at this time, such as ensuring that our RoboFarm can connect to a system that it needs to work on.

After the first project (we know you’ll want to do more!) this process is repeated, to further enhance functionality or to fine-tune the current automated processes.



Once the PoC has been tested and signed off the process moves to implementation – which is where you start to realise the benefits.  Cleardata can help with change programme management and training where required on the updated processes to ease the transition and ensure project success.



One of the benefits of introducing intelligent automation is the visibility it brings – so we monitor not only the solution itself to make sure everything is OK, but also provide recommendations on changes and updates for you to make data-driven decisions on further changes or optimisation.



RPA is a technology that lends itself to being truly agile – once a solution has been put into practice and the data analysed, we work with you to iterate the solution to tweak and enhance the automated processes to reduce exceptions, further improve efficiency or look at the next process that can save you time and generate further returns.