Automate Letter of Authority Process – Faster Claims Management

Automate Letter of Authority Process – Faster Claims Management

26th March 2021 | By Jan Cahill

Legal Claims Management can be a lengthy process, involving a lot of paperwork and administration.  Save time for your fee earning team by automating the Letter of Authority process.  Using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) the manual elements of this process can be completely removed, freeing up staff to get on with talking to your clients and resolving claims faster.  

Our robots are more than capable of process automation to the point where the only time a human needs to get involved is to speak to a customer directly. If you’re dealing with a large volume of enquiries this can be a huge help in setting up cases, without dragging staff members away from ongoing work and into unnecessary admin. Along with this time saving comes a significant cost saving, when offset against subsequent staff revenue generation. The less time spent onboarding customers, the more time focused on resolving cases. 

RPA and the Letter of Authority Process

The letter of authority process can become reasonably complex, depending on how many lenders are being dealt with at any given time, added levels of complexity can often lead to human error. The benefit of RPA in legal process automation is that it’s rule-driven and eliminates errors such as misplaced or misfiled documentation, leading to far fewer lapses in service.

Example LOA process: 

  • Enquiry received with lenders detailed – received via social media, email, online forms
  • Customer information entered into Claims Management System
  • Letters of Authority generated for each lender
  • LOA’s sent to customer via email attachment, Docusign, Whatsapp e.t.c
  • Customer signs and returns documents
  • Returned documents and information are entered into Claims Management System
  • Signed LOA’s sent to appropriate lenders 
  • Case registration number is sent to the customer 

The above is a lot of information changing hands and not necessarily all at the same time, a customer may send back their letters of authority separately creating an additional need to track and monitor correspondence. 

How RPA Automates and Improves the LOA process: 

  • Robots are equipped to receive omnichannel enquiries, whatever the Datafeed they’ve got it covered 
  • Customer information is entered into the Claims Management System by the robots identifying key fields and transferring the data over
  • The letters of authority can be sent to the customer via RPA through any utilised channel, WhatsApp, Docusign, email attachment
  • If there is a delay in receiving the documents a reminder email can be generated to politely prompt the customer 
  • Returned documents are then entered into the Claims Management System whether returned individually or collectively
  • The robots can also be set to detect duplicates, if a customer mistakenly returns the same form twice a notification can be sent to staff or an email can be sent to the customer notifying them
  • Via RPA the signed LOA’s are sent via email to the appropriate lender
  • A case registration number can be sent out to the customer and even an accompanying welcome pack

Not only does RPA expedite the Letter of Authority process but it also allows for scope to improve the customer service experience. All of the ‘nice to haves’ that would be done if there was more time, can now be part of the standard process using RPA. 

The benefits of RPA in Legal Process Automation

  • RPA operate 24/7 365 days a year accepting and processing enquiries
  • Client requests handled more efficiently
  • Data inputted into the claims management system is more accurate and less prone to errors
  • Information is kept secure with direct integration to the CMS
  • Free up time for fee earning staff
  • Faster case processing 
  • Customer experience improved
  • The service can be adapted to changes in volume easily
  • Reduced recruitment and training costs

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