Automate your HR Onboarding

16th May 2018 | By Jan Cahill

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of time your HR Team spends on manual data entry and validation  RPA bots automate the employee onboarding processchecks for your HR Onboarding Processes then you need to consider RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

Many people may visualise a physical robot when they hear the words RPA, but actually this is a cloud based service  which can be used flexibly to suit your business needs.  Think of it as an extra digital workforce in the cloud who can get on with the manual tasks from your HR Team that nobody likes to do.

Our Robocloud service allows small or medium sized businesses to access robotic process automation solutions with no upfront capital investment.  It’s designed to be accessible and to help organisations transform their manual processes.

It doesn’t matter what HR Onboarding System you currently use, whether you use spreadsheets, google docs or software to carry out your HR Onboarding, RPA can fill in the gaps to make your workforce happier, free up valuable time and get on with more important tasks.

For example, many HR Onboarding Solutions will automatically ask a new employee to fill in forms e.g. reference requests, national insurance number, bank account number.  On arrival your HR Team  spend time going through this data and if missing  send a request to the new employee to complete.  This can be automatically achieved through our Robocloud digital workforce. Using Artificial Intelligence our Robocloud workforce can also perform tasks such as checking to see if  an incoming reference is positive or negative.

The illustration below shows the tasks our digital workforce can achieve for HR Onboarding.


RPA can automate many employee onboarding activities

To find out more information or to arrange a free 30 minute consultation about automating your HR Onboarding Process using Robocloud’s Digital Workforce call our team on 0800 046 8081 or contact us.