Automated Conveyancing Processes

In the legal sector, conveyancing can be a costly process, with an excessive amount of time and effort required to perform Automated Conveyancing Processessearches, property checks and present information to your buyers or sellers for review and approval.

Conveyancing is a steps based legal process, however, each property can have its own unique issues, which need resolving before the purchase or sale process can move forward. In a competitive market, allow your conveyancing team to spend more time on client-facing tasks and less time on basic data gathering, searches and data processing.

Automating steps in your conveyancing process can also help improve customer service, by providing automated updates to your customers, based on key stages n the process.

Robocloud provides a digital workforce of cloud-based software robots, who can be programmed to perform the key manual tasks in your legal organisation, that nobody wants to do. We can provide a full audit trail of actions and activities to demonstrate every step, login or task performed. Our robots can perform scheduled tasks such as reporting, validation of documents, data entry or integration.

Find out how we automated the processing of incoming court documents for Winn Solicitors.

Conveyancing Solutions

Robocloud’s digital software robots can automate key conveyancing tasks ready for your  team to action including:-

  • Onboarding clients and open matters
  • Automating KYC and AML checks
  • Automating the production of property searches e.g. mining, floodplain or environmental reports and presenting results for review
  • Validating data on submitted documents
  • Automate chasers, updates and other correspondence
  • Fraud prevention e.g.  send out one-time keys for use by customers to ensure that communications such as payment requests come from you rather than a fraudster
  • Automate next actions, based on stages in the case management system e.g. ProClaim
  • Completion of forms e.g. AP1 to register the purchase or even stamp duty returns.
  • Ask for and process customer satisfaction surveys
  • As part of Cleardata we can also offer inbound digital mailroom services, enabling conveyancing documentation to be opened, sorted and scanned on arrival.

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