Business Continuity Challenges? Our Digital Workforce Is Here To Help

10th March 2020 | By Jan Cahill

With Coronavirus having a global impact and cases increasing in the UK, many businesses are concerned about keeping their every day processes going.  What will happen if people are forced to work from home, or a significant proportion of the workforce can’t work due to illness? Process Automation

Consider providing additional resource for your business using RPA or robotic process automation to deliver continuity for your operational activities.

Digital workers can perform manual business processes such as data entry, system updates, automated emails, data validation, data migration and data integration.  Not only that, they can work around the clock, providing a continuous resource to help keep your business running.

Cleardata provides Robocloud RPA As A Service, providing a flexible, scaleable solution, which can grow with your requirements. Robots can be programmed to perform many manual processes, providing a helping hand for your business during a challenging environment.  There’s no big upfront investment for RPA software, our Robocloud service is available via a simple monthly subscription, which can be accessed as and when you need it. Cleardata uses the market leading UI Path Technology.

Automated RPA Processing

Here’s some business examples of how RPA can help automate your business processes:-

  • HR – Automatically onboard employees, with right to work and reference checks, HR platform setup, workwear ordering and documentation sent to new starters.
  • Claims Processing –  Automate your claims processes with incoming claims monitored, relevent documentation emailed, incoming documents checked and CRM systems updated.
  • Sales Order Processing – Automate incoming sales orders and updates. Save time for staff taking phone updates and manually updating systems.
  • Reporting – Allow our robots to pull together data from multiple business systems, providing a live dashboard view of your business data.  Identify bottlenecks and errors quickly and easily and save time in data gathering.

RPA Benefits

  • Save time – use our digital workforce to save time in manual processes.
  • Improve productivity – digital robots can perform tasks quickly, with increased accuracy.
  • Improve employee satisfaction – allow your workforce to focus on skilled tasks and
  • Work 24/7 – robots can work around the clock to provide work ready data for your team to action.

For further details on how our Robocloud RPA Service can help contact our team or call 0800 046 8086.