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BackgroundRobocloud Case Sutdy: Impakt Claims

Impakt Claims is a UK Claims Management Company offering a one stop shop for claiming back mis-sold financial products, services and flight delays.

Impakt aims to provide its customers with a simple, fast and reliable service.  Set up in March 2019 , the business wanted an automated process for their incoming pay day loans claims using the latest technology.  As a start-up they were keen to keep their employee costs to a minimum.

Claims Management Process

Incoming PDL (pay day loan) claims arrive via Impakt’s website and are delivered directly into their Bright Office Case Management System.

The company were using one to two full time employees, Monday to Friday, to process the incoming claims, email a letter of authority and once the signed LOA’s were returned send them onto the relevant pay day loan company.

Automated RPA Solution

The Robocloud RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Service allows manual data processing tasks to be completed using a workforce of cloud-based digital software robots.  The robot functions 24/7, 365 days a year.

Robocloud is part of Cleardata UK Ltd and has a team of consultants able to provide business process automation services.  The company performed a discovery day with Impakt Claims to understand their existing data processing tasks.

Robocloud suggested automating their incoming claims process using their digital software robots.

A test project was set up using their data to test the automated process for their incoming pay day loans claims.

Impakt signed up for the RPA service and now rely on Robocloud’s software robots to automatically process their claims. The robots daily tasks include:-

  1. Identify new incoming claims via the Bright Office Case Management System
  2. Email a Letter of Authority to prospective customers who have made an enquiry via their website.
  3. Letter of Authority is signed using an e-signature product.
  4. Check the signature on the incoming letters of authority to ensure it matches the name of the person in the Case Management System.
  5. Convert the case from a potential case to a live case.
  6. Send the signed LOA to the relevant lender via a template in the Case Management System.
  7. Change the pack status to complete and add the date completed in the case management system.

This then allows Impakt’s team to deal with the lender to process the claim.

Benefits Saving Headcount

Reduced Heacount

Reduced headcount – The RPA automation has meant Impakt Claims have been able to hold off recruiting 1 – 2 additional staff.

Faster Claims Processing

Incoming claims are recognised and processed immediately, which leads to an increased customer conversion rate of enquiries to claim applications.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Prospective clients instantly receive an email with a letter of authority for them to sign and return to get the claims process started straight away.

Data Validation

The robots check the digital signature on the letters of authority is validated against the original enquiry.

Staff Satisfaction

Staff have been freed up to work on value added claims handling activity. The repetitive nature of the processing tasks meant it was a tedious job to do. The team are now enjoying completing more interesting and enhanced skills based claims handling tasks, which will ultimately improve our staff retention.

Client Feedback

Robocloud’s RPA Service has fully automated the processing of our incoming claims.  This has saved our business the cost of recruiting an additional one to two full time employees, improved our claims processing speed and helped deliver an excellent customer experience. 

 The staff who were originally completing these manual tasks are now working on handling the claim itself.  Their role is now more of a claims handler, with a focus on acknowledging claims, discussing the claim with clients and checking lenders responses. This has increased employee satisfaction by allowing our workforce to perform enhanced skills based tasks.

 Robocloud’s team fully assessed our existing claims management processes during a discovery day and provided suggestions in how we could automate the required tasks.

 Once we’d given the go ahead, the robot was built and up and running within 2 weeks of the project start.  The robot works on unattended basis and any issues are reported via emails to the Robocloud IT team.

 The RPA technology is fantastic and provides an efficient data processing service. The digital worker is now a key member of our team and is an integral part of our business process.

 Robocloud’s IT team provide full support and are always available and on hand to assist if required.  They are really supportive, patient and do a great job.   This has helped make the project easy to implement from the outset.”

Impakt Claims

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