Winn Solicitors are one of the country’s leading claims management companies. As a national accidents claims specialist, the business helps clients claim compensation following a non-fault accident. This involves processing around 11,000 medical assessment reports per annum.

Key Drivers

The company were looking to automate the process for incoming digital medical reports to save time manually categorising, validating, cross referencing, capturing and indexing personal details on arrival into their RTA and personal injury claims email inbox.

Winn Solicitors also wanted a solution to automate compensation tariff calculations and valuations relevant to road traffic cases. This tariff is a requirement following changes to legislation  relevant to road traffic cases, in May 2021.

Objectives of the automated medical reports processing project included:-

  • Save time on manual processing
  • Increase speed of processing to allow the business to scale up
  • Improve accuracy to allow calculation of the correct claim value
  • Calculate compensation tariff calculations and valuations automatically for road traffic cases
  • Categorise reports by type on arrival
  • Categorise all other digital documents arriving in the medicalreports@ inbox
  • Capture and index key data from reports
  • Provide workflow exceptions to correct person for faster processing
  • Integrate output into Proclaim Case Management Platform

The Solution and Benefits

Robocloud, part of Cleardata UK Ltd, offers legal document process automation services throughout the UK.  The business is accredited for information and cyber security as well as quality management systems and business continuity, providing the highest standards of security for its clients.

Our team provided  consultancy to assess the existing medical reports process and provide recommendations for touchless processing, automation, exceptions management and output integration into Proclaim.

Robocloud utilises Kofax Intelligent capture software as part of its toolbox, providing access to latest generation intelligent capture and validation  software, which offered a perfect solution for Winn Solicitors medical reports requirement.  This allows us to:-

  • Validate and cross reference personal medical report details, providing accurate levels of data validation, saving valuable time and reducing human error.
  • Categorise incoming medical reports by type on arrival.  All other digital documents arriving into the medicalreports@ inbox are categorised. Rules were agreed as part of the build process.
  • Capture and index key data from reports
  • Pre– calculate compensation tariff valuations. This means file handlers don’t have to carry out calculations or valuations themselves and allows them to focus on more high value cases, where bespoke valuation is still required.  It also provides more time to work on other aspects of cases, reducing case duration.
  • The process from receipt of the medical report to sending to the client now involves one touch rather than several touches on a file, all of which makes the case processing more cost effective.
  • Output data is seamlessly integrated into Proclaim case management system using our RPA digital workforce.

Exceptions management is delivered using Cleardata’s Cleardox Document Management System, allowing exceptions to be automatically routed for processing.  The system delivers an efficient exceptions handling queue, as well as the ability to set up individual users or department groups.  A full audit trail is available.

Data output integration is provided directly into Proclaim Case Management which uses our partner, Zeus Tech Solutions connector tool.


“The specific benefits delivered to date have been significant, due to the reduction in time of processing medical reports and providing valuations to our clients.  Winn Solicitors processes more than 900 medical reports per month, each of which, prior to the introduction of the capture and automation service, could take a file handler over 30 minutes per case. 

With the capture solution able to extrapolate the relevant data from medical reports and provide valuations, we have halved the time spent on each medical report.  This has meant the departments dealing with the cases have not had to grow, in terms of headcount, as the business has otherwise grown significantly, with an increase in volumes month by month.  This has resulted in overhead cost savings.

We have been able to factor in the volumes of cases we are able to process with the same overheads, prior to our growth, due to the benefits derived from the Robocloud offering.

Despite the move to an automated process (and the reservation in certain areas) there has been no change in the quality of service provided to our client’s.  We can provide the same quality in a faster period.  We can confidently say that quality has not diminished, therefore client satisfaction has remained at the constant high level we expect.”

CIO Winn Solicitors