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Robocloud Case Study: VOW - EVO Group

VOW (the Wholesale division of the EVO Group) is the UK’s largest wholesaler of business products and facilities supplies. The company has over 2,500 customers and picks over 100,000 lines per day. Brands include Q-Connect, Graffico, Jemini, Ergo-brite, Announce, Prestige, Cappela, 2work, Contour ergonomics, Go Secure, My Café, Reviva and Store Stack.

Over 70% of VOW’s orders are electronic, however, the company were spending a lot of time cancelling lines from customer orders once placed.  This resulted in staff taking sales order updates over the phone and then manually updating the ERP system.  This process was time intensive, caused delays in orders and was also prone to error.

Evo Group developed a new customer portal to allow customers to cancel lines from their original order, however their existing ERP system meant that automatic integration of data was not feasible.


Robocloud provides RPA (Robotic Process Automation) ServicBusiness Automation Services from Robocloud. Digital workforce solutions using RPAes throughout the UK using cloud based digital software robots. Our team were able to automate the transfer of VOW’s sales order processing updates directly from their new customer portal to their ERP System, Kerridge.

This enabled any cancellations from the original order lines to be processed quickly and easily.

The software robots work on the same basis as a person would, searching for the order in the ERP system, handling on-screen messages and once completed sending a message back to the portal to enable the customer to be notified. Order lines can be cancelled efficiently with no manual intervention.

Traditional programmatic links would have been very costly to set up and manage compared to the RPA service, which is low cost, scalable and flexible.  Our software robots work 24/7, 365 days a year.

RPA Solutions


VOW was pleasantly surprised by the speed and ease of the RPA process set up. The software robot integrated seamlessly with the groups CRM and ERP systems providing a robust, accurate and scalable solution. We are actively looking at further developing our RPA landscape to achieve greater business efficiencies.”  

Head of Enterprise Architecture—VOW


Save Time

Sales order processing team spend less time dealing with phone calls.

Increased Productivity

The turn-around time to process a transaction is reduced.

Increased Accuracy

Digital software robots provide data in a consistent manner and validate against VOW’s requirements.

Automated process

No manual intervention required.

Increased customer satisfaction

Faster order processing resulting in improved customer satisfaction and repeat orders.


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