Cleardata Invests In Ui Path Orchestrator Technology

21st April 2020 | By Jan Cahill

Cleardata UK Ltd has invested in Ui Path Orchestrator to deliver its Robocloud Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services efficiently. The company chose Ui Path technology as one of the leading RPA providers, offering innovative and secure solutions. 

This technology will allow us to put our cloud-based software robots to work efficiently, with the ability to allocate different tasks and workflows to selected bots, in order to meet required project schedules. 

Orchestrator provides a centralised robot management dashboard for our Robocloud team, offering comprehensive controls and monitors for robot activity, compliance as well as a full audit trail of every action taken.  It will allow Cleardata to achieve high levels of scalability, performance and rapid automation for our Robocloud RPA as a service, providing clients with excellent quality services and solutions. Capabilities include:-

  • Real-time robot performance monitoring
  • Detailed dashboard analytics
  • Credential management
  • Cloud deployment
  • SLA queues
  • Asset management
  • Remote control for unattended robots
  • Audit reports
  • API integration

Dave Bryce, Managing Director commented “UiPath’s Orchestrator tool is a significant investment for Cleardata, providing a solid technology base for our Robocloud Services, from the leading platform provider.  

This solution will help us to ensure full utilisation, identify productivity and any bottlenecks or common issues encountered.  It will provide full control of our digital workforce, driving efficiencies as our Robocloud services expand. The Orchestrator platform will scale up with us and update instantly without needing to change our existing hardware. 

UiPath’s Orchestrator will help us to provide continuous process improvement and achieve a rapid return on investment so that we can keep growing as a business.”

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