Competitive Intelligence with RPA

10th February 2021 | By Jan Cahill

Competitive intelligence is a crucial part of any e-commerce strategy, particularly in the current climate, with an increasing amount of customers ordering online and numerous sellers making their way into the marketplace.  

Robocloud can help your business stay ahead of the competition, using RPA to automatically monitor websites, pricing and documentation to provide scheduled email updates or reports to keep you in the picture.  Our robots work around 15 times faster than a person, providing up to date competitive intelligence insights, even when you’re offline.

Let’s face it, competitor monitoring can be a challenge for any e-commerce business, taking both valuable time and resources. Allow our RPA workforce to perform all the laborious manual data processing tasks at the bottom of everyone’s to-do list.  

The benefits are endless, increase e-commerce sales, remain competitive, speed up actionable data reporting and at the same time save your team hours, days or even a week’s worth of manual processing! 

The software robots can automatically…

  • Monitor multiple websites at any time – even monitoring pages for changes and reporting back instantly. 
  • Capture and monitor competitor pricing data
  • Provide competitive intelligence data in any format e.g. spreadsheet or CSV
  • Create reports or dashboards to accurately present competitive data
  • Update business systems – Provide a user login(s) for the robot and allow the digital worker to update multiple systems instantly. 
  • Provide scheduled email updates – Our robots can work to any competitor pricing research schedule, whether that’s in real-time, once a day, week or month and at any time of the day or night.

A Competitive Pricing Strategy Using Automation

Competitor pricing data can have a limited shelf life. If it takes your team hours to complete it can become less than useful before you’ve even had a chance to action. 

Build a competitive pricing strategy by employing RPA software robots to do the hard work for you, speed up your data insights and enable your team to focus on higher-skilled tasks.

Robocloud’s digital workforce is driven by the latest Ui path software, working 24/7 to perform manual data processing tasks in the background, allowing your team to make accurate pricing and marketing decisions by acting on current, actionable and accurate data.  Transform your business through:-

  • Faster competitor data insights
  • A holistic perspective on the marketplace
  • Increased sales
  • More staff time for business-critical tasks
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Scheduled reports and business information
  • Data formatted for reporting however it’s required
  • Tailored notifications

Reporting Pricing Research

Pricing research reports can be collated quickly and outputted to any required format e.g. CSV or Excel. Our robots can even enter the data into pre-existing systems or build and populate a dashboard capable of displaying key metrics and trends. 

  • Customised pricing research reporting to suit business needs
  • Automated delivery of pricing research to your teams with scheduled notifications
  • Notifications can be delivered by email e.g. hourly, weekly, monthly or in real-time
  • Send full reports by product types/sets or even individual products

No Installation Necessary – Robocloud’s RPA as a service model requires no new hardware or software. It’s a great way of increasing throughput without making a substantial investment in new in-house technologies. The staff members previously performing manual tasks can get on with business-critical work, while the robots take care of pulling the data necessary to build a competitive pricing strategy. 

Low Cost – RPA is a low-cost solution that can work for any size business.  Both costs and work levels can be tailored to suit you, with the ability to hire a robot for as little as two hours per week.  Consider recruiting a digital worker, rather than hiring more staff and benefit from fast deployment within weeks and lower overheads.

 Talk to our human team today about how RPA can aid you with competitive intelligence and help build a competitive pricing strategy – Call us on 0800 046 8086 or Contact Us