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Automate Customer Service Tasks Process Automation

Delivering a great customer service is a key requirement for businesses and can provide a real competitive edge.  If you’re looking to improve your customer service levels, reduce business costs and speed up your processes, consider using RPA or robotic process automation.

Robocloud offers a workforce of cloud based software robots who can be programmed to perform many different types of manual  tasks. This is offered via a monthly subscription service, allowing access to businesses of all sizes, includings SME’s and larger corporate organisations.  Our RPA team will work with you to assess your existing customer service processes and identify areas which can be automated.

Here’ a few examples of how RPA can help automate your customer service tasks:-

Processing Incoming Documents – Our robots can sort and validate your incoming documents related to customer service.  This could be identifying specific document types e.g. complaints, adding to your relevant business system for workflow to the correct person for complaints handling. Read our case study of automating incoming documents for Winn Solicitors.

Data Migration – Our digital helpers can move and migrate data between your existing systems. For example you may have a fab new cloud system which simply won’t talk to your legacy business systems.  the robots can login and logout of systems, in the same way a person would and transfer data for you. No expensive integration required, our team will programme the robots to perform a logical sequence of events to match your existing customer service processes.

System Processes – RPA can be used to automate system processes. For example, read how they automatically update the claims handling system for Impakt claims.  The robot identifies new claims via their case management system, emails a letter to prospective clients and then validates the signature on the returned letters.  It then convers cases from a potential case to a live case. This speeds up their incoming claims processes and saves a huge amout of employee time, allowing their team to focus on handling the claim itself, rather than tedious administrative tasks.

Automated Order Processing – We can programme our robots to ensure consistency in your order processes, checking product descriptions, values and product codes to make sure your prices are correct. Read our sales order processing case study.

Live Chat Bots – Our team can programme a live chat bot to respond appropriately to customer queries.

For further details about Robocloud’s automated solutions for customer service contact our team now or call 0800 046 8086.