Data Analytics

Is data analytics a challenge in your business?  If your staff are spending hours pulling together data from multiple business systems, spreadsheets and databases to ensure your management team have the correct data analytics information to keep your business running smoothly, consider an alternative solution.

Robocloud provides a digital workforce of cloud based software robots able to pull together data and provide data analysis based on your business rules or requirements.  Our robots work around the clock to provide data for your team to action. This is a flexible service that can be accessed via a monthly subscription and scaled up or down as needed.

Our software robots can be programmed to follow logical rules and procedures such as:-

  • Logging into multiple business systems
  • Pulling together data
  • Validating data against rules
  • Comparing and analysing information
  • Outputting information to a business intelligent dashboard
  • Scheduling data tasks to be carried out on a set day, date or time
  • Flagging up issues
  • Providing automatic notifications

Scheduled Data Analytics

Scheduling and automating your data gathering and data analytics processes can help ensure your business is performing against key targets, providing automatic alerts for your management team if operations aren’t performing as expected. This can also help manage your business risk  effectively, e.g. managing fraud and compliance.  In your sales and marketing activity you can identify customer behaviour and manage customer retention.

Benefits of Automated Data Analytics

  • Save staff time
  • Improve quality of data analytics
  • Receive information to meet your reporting schedules
  • Drive your business on real time information
  • Identify issues or bottlenecks in your business processes

For further information about Robocloud’s Data Analytics Services contact our team now or call 0800 046 8086.

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