Data Lookup

Data lookup is essential to saving time when inputting large amounts of important data. It allows employees to search for and find data in other internal or external systems. Data can be loaded and accessed quickly by employees but RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can perform this process for you. The digital workforce can log into various systems and reduce the number of keystrokes human employees input when searching for data – this eliminates human error as a result, validating the data presented in the process.

Automated Data Lookup

RPA is able to lookup data in both internal and external systems, accessing files such as spreadsheets, databases and documents to validate your information. It can be applied to multiple activities across departments including:-

Product Codes – RPA can lookup products based on their codes to check their location, quality and if their prices and features are correct. This can also be used across the supply chain, comparing price data on specific materials, therefore helping to ensure that your operation produces high quality products.

Postcode and Address Finder – Inputting address information is a key task in various business functions such as employee and client onboarding. It can also be used in updating databases such as the CRM system for marketing and sales to ensure that they have access to the correct data before a sales call or meeting. The digital workforce can speed up the process by validating information against the PAF file, suggesting addresses based on the postcode or vice versa, improving data quality and delivery rates, promoting reliability to customers.

Creditsafe – RPA can look up financial information on businesses using Creditsafe to provide you with easy access to data on customers, suppliers and even competitors and find out how well they’re operating. This allows your business to grow and gain a competitive advantage, benefiting from improved protection by using this information when onboarding suppliers and clients. Watch our credit checking demo below to see our digital workforce in action.

RPA Benefits In Data Lookup

Eliminate errors – RPA can validate the data accessed quickly and accurately, checking it’s up to date and improving the quality of information used by both employees and customers.

Save time – Human employees can spend hours searching for data in various systems but the cloud based digital workforce can perform this process in a fraction of the time, allowing your workers to focus on more high value tasks and boosting their satisfaction.

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