Data Migration Services

Robocloud provides automated data migration services throughout the UK using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Technology.  We use cloud-based software robots to migrate data from one system to another. For example, we can migrate data from a legacy system to a new system, or vice versa depending on your requirements.  This can be achieved without traditional programmatic links which can be very costly.

Many companies have made the move to flexible cloud-based systems and are often faced with the issue of linking to legacy ERP or CRM Systems to complete orders, invoices or other key operational processes. This can result in staff handling customer or supplier issues over the phone and manually entering data into the legacy system, causing lost time, delays in processing, decreased customer satisfaction and errors in data entry.

Data can be migrated or integrated from internal or external sources for example websites, portals or enterprise applications. All types of application environments are supported.

Data Migration Process

Robocloud uses digital software robots to perform our automated data migration services, which work in the same way a person would. They follow logical programmatic steps Automated Data Migration Services from Robocloud for the data migration process e.g. login, search for data, handle on-screen messages and provide a notification once the process is complete.

Decisions are rules-based and a full audit trail can be seen to find out why the robot made a certain decision/action. Our robots can patch connections between systems that would otherwise be expensive or labour intensive to do.

Data transformation and cleansing is often a very time-consuming task in data migrations, we can achieve this using a set of rules or by looking up other sources of information ‘on the way through’ to the new system e.g. companies house or industry-specific lists.

  • We can use the robots to test data entered post-migration.  For instance, ensuring that customer records contain certain fields or that information added is in a prescribed format, helpful for when there’s been human intervention as well as robot processing.
  • If you want to do a parallel run with the legacy and new systems, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help maintain the data integrity between the two.  For example, if you have a team of people working business as usual and a ringfenced team on the new system, Robocloud’s digital workforce can ensure all changes are fed back to the legacy system to ensure rollback and no impact should something go wrong. We can also help prepare for the final data migration process without tricky data comparisons.

Benefits of automated data migration services

  • Reduce manual processes – save employee time on data entry
  • Increase productivity – allow staff to focus on higher value activities
  • Improve processes and stay ahead of your competition
  • Faster processing – our digital software robots work 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Less administration time and interaction with your customers
  • Robots work faster and provide a consistent rules-based approach
  • Data migration is quick to implement with exceptional return on investment

For further information about Robocloud’s automated data migration services, contact our team now on 0800 046 8086.

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