Data Reporting

Data reporting is a key activity in all departments of a business. Providing live data, information and analysis to help businesses make informed decisions in a timely manner. The challenge lies in gathering information quickly, accurately and reporting in a consistent way. This can often take up large amounts of employee’s time when pulling information from multiple business systems.

Automated Data Reporting

Cleardata’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service uses software robots to automate business data reporting. The robots can login to your business systems, gather data and pull together your data reporting. This can be programmed to suit your business requirements on a scheduled basis, allowing you to have instant information as and when you need it. Reports can be provided on a live dashboard, or via email to relevant people in your business.

Here’s a few examples of how RPA can help with automated data reporting:-

Finance – Statement Reconciliation. Our robots can validate line items on your bank statement against your ledger and provide a list of exceptions for your AP team to action. Information can be provided via a spreadsheet or csv file, along with reports to help you identify any recurring problems with suppliers. This allows you to tackle the issues in a timely manner and develop improved supplier relationships.

HR – During the onboarding process RPA technology can generate dashboard reports to provide easy to read data based on credit checks and data lookup activities. The digital workforce can also pull together this data and analyse it to provide management information when necessary.

Marketing – Using information from key business systems such as ERP and CRM systems, RPA can create a reporting dashboard. The bots will pull information from these systems to provide real time data for the marketing team to analyse and base their strategies on. This can also occur with statistics, such as SEO analytics, keyword performance and social media insights to allow your team to conduct analysis adapt their strategies and better understand your customers and their behaviour.

RPA can also automatically schedule activities including the delivery of these reports. Using Robocloud you can set up specific rules and requirements to deliver information on a regular basis. You can set a time and frequency that your reports are delivered to selected persons e.g. weekly or monthly. This prevents the need for staff to wait for notifications to action them and allows them to focus on more productive and valuable activities.

Benefits Of RPA In Data Reporting


Full Audit Trail – When processing data and carrying out other automated data reporting activities a full audit trail is provided to maintain security. The digital workforce can provide a report based on this, sharing data regarding their activities and processing time with approved persons.

Save Time and Money – RPA saves time and money when data reporting. It allows your business to save time and money while boosting productivity and accuracy, resultantly minimising risk. You’ll increase employee satisfaction and relationships between supplier and clients, allowing your business to continue developing and move forward with automation.

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