Data Validation

Data Validation can be a time consuming task for your employees to complete.  This manual process can be an essential part of your businesses processes to ensure data is valid and correct.  RPA or robotic process automation can be used to automate this process and carry out on a scheduled basis, enabling your team to perform more productive activities for your business.

Robocloud also offers intelligent capture services, using Kofax Capture products. Our team is trained in Kofax and can offer consultancy and services to set up automated capture from incoming documents, both digital and physical. This can help to validate, capture and categorise documents or emails. Read our recent case study of how we helped Winn Solicitors with their incoming medical reports.

Automated Data Validation and Verification

Automated data validation and verification can be applied to multiple business departments including:-

Finance – to substantiate the accuracy of financial transactions or authorisations – this could be by cross-checking it with a 3rd party system or, when information is available to give a high confidence level, to replace the human ‘sanity check’.  Typical examples where this is used could be to check payment allocation suggestions, or to validate customer or supplier application forms through checking third party services, or current status on existing ERP systems.  AP staff maybe validating data in multiple excel spreadsheets or google sheets, this can be performed by the software robots to save valuable time and money.

HR -Timesheet management, validation of employee personal emails, addresses and postcodes.  The robots can even automatically update leaver status based on your rules to ensure payroll information is correct.

Legal – Categorise, validate and capture data from incoming medical reports. Speed up case processing resolution, free up staff time for case handlers and improve customer service.

IT – Validating and verifiying data across multiple IT systems or databases to ensure all your business information is correct and up to date.  The digital workforce can  provide data validation in excel spreadsheets or google sheets. RPA can deliver automated email notifications to flag up any issues or errors.

Marketing – Data validation is an important part of your business marketing processes, but can be time consuming for your marketing team to complete.  Keeping your CRM system up to date, validating client postcodes,  emails, current email opt in status and address gone aways are just some examples of where RPA could assist you.

Procurement – Robocloud can also help you to introduce more intelligence into your processes, for instance automatically reviewing contracts for specific clauses that need to be flagged as risks, or periodically reviewing internal systems’ data to make sure customers data is accurate and complete.

Benefits of RPA in data validation and data verification Automated Data Validation RPA

Software robots will eliminate human errors in the processing of information.  They can also help support compliance with your procedures ensuring the same process is followed, each and every time and where there’s an issue – for instance with an input value that doesn’t seem correct – they can flag it for a human to double check meaning you’re managing exceptions not everything that comes through.

For further details about Robocloud’s automated data validation and verification solutions contact our team or call 0800 046 8086.

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