Handling seasonal peaks in your recruitment

14th June 2018 | By Jan Cahill

Many businesses have to recruit large volumes of staff at different times of the year to cope with seasonal fluctuations.  If you work in the Digital Recruitment Technology, RPARetail Sector this will be a familiar problem, having to take on high volumes of temporary staff to cover off seasonal periods e.g. Christmas or even Black Friday.  Common issues for HR Teams include:-

  • Lack of capacity to deal with high volumes of employee onboarding
  • Not being able to get staff onboard quickly to suit business demands
  • Validating high volumes of right to work data to ensure identity checks are completed
  • Checking cv’s/application forms to ensure temporary staff meet minimum requirements
  • Checking references

If your business or organisation experiences this problem, consider our robotic software service.  Sounds futuristic I know, but basically, our software robots can perform many manual HR tasks.  Entering data, validating references and ID documents,  ordering workwear or equipment can all be sorted by our digital workforce.

This is a cloud-based solution, so no robots sitting in your HR Team, just think of it as an extension to your workforce which can be used flexibly to suit your business demands.  Our robots can perform the manual tasks that can be tiresome and time-consuming but need completing quickly in order to get your staff onboard in a timely manner.

Robocloud’s services are flexible and require no upfront capital investment. It’s suitable for small, medium and large businesses.

Contact our team now to find out more about our digital onboarding services at robocloud@cleardata.co.uk or call 0800 046 8081.