How can RPA improve your customers’ satisfaction?

1st March 2021 | By Jan Cahill

RPA can improve many manual processes and result in huge amounts of business growth by reducing costs, boosting productivity and redeploying staff. There are also huge returns in terms of customer satisfaction, giving your business a competitive advantage. This automation solution allows your organisation to improve its customer care in a variety of ways so your clients remain satisfied and loyal. 

Robocloud provides RPA as a Service to help you improve customer satisfaction. It’s a low cost, flexible solution that can be implemented across multiple departments and businesses such as Legal Conveyancing, Retail, Sales and Marketing where good customer service is essential to success.

Boost Customer Satisfaction With RPA

How can Robotic Process Automation solutions boost customer satisfaction?

Happy Employees – Happy employees result in happy customers. By carrying out mundane, repetitive tasks, our digital workforce allows your human workers to focus on high-value activities and build strong, positive relationships with customers. 

  • Employees will be able to develop their skills with additional responsibilities, feel more productive and motivated in their roles 
  • By developing positive customer relationships, they will gain insight into specific customer wants and needs. 
  • They will be able to work together and be creative, contributing innovative ideas to support your organisation’s growth and its customer service processes. These will result in increased customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty.

Reduce Errors – Robotic Process Automation can improve data accuracy across your business by automating manual processes and processing information quickly and efficiently. 

  • Reduce human error and maintain compliance in a fraction of the time by automatically migrating, validating and analysing data. 
  • The robots can alert you when information is incorrect or missing so you can resolve the issue quickly and maintain customer satisfaction. 
  • With more time to focus on high-value activities and develop their skills, employees will have improved training backgrounds and knowledge. This will help them provide customers with error-free information.

Robot Chat – Automate customer support processes to improve satisfaction. The digital workforce can automatically reply to general queries and complaints on your live chats to ensure customers get the answers they need. When a more complex inquiry is made, the bots can direct it to the appropriate person or department who will provide high-quality answers and fixes, reducing the amount of time a customer has to wait for an answer.

Shorter Response Times – Reducing the number of manual activities customer service representatives carry out provides them with more time to respond to customer queries (when directed by Robot Chat), applications, complaints and more. 

  • Constructive, quick responses will boost customer satisfaction greatly and improve your reputation as a trustworthy organisation that cares about its customers while increasing profitability and reducing costs. 
  • Customer care and shorter response times are also enhanced by the software robots as they process incoming documents and data efficiently, providing customer service representatives with easy access to work ready data on a 24/7 basis. 
  • RPA software robots can automatically ask for and process customer satisfaction surveys following service completion ready for analysis by your team.

Insights – RPA can track and analyse statistics, bringing data together in one central dashboard for easy viewing. Your team can use the data to see who your customers are, what they’re looking for and what channels they’re using in real-time. These customer insights provide you with the opportunity to improve your offering and marketing techniques accordingly. Statistics the digital workforce can bring together include:-

  • SEO analytics
  • Social media insights
  • Keyword performance
  • Competitor research and performance

Robocloud provides RPA as a Service to enhance your processes and boost customer satisfaction no matter what size your company is. If you’re interested in improving your business’ customer service, contact our RPA consultants for more information on 0800 046 8086.