How We Work

Cleardata utilises leading UI Path robotic process automation software to provide RPA as a service.  The company has also invested in Ui Path’s Orchestrator tool which allows us to allocate, monitor and report on our robot resources efficiently.

Robocloud’s Approach

Robocloud offers three options for your business to access our team of cloud-based software robots.

  1. Packaged RPA Solutions – Robocloud offers a number of packaged digital workforce solutions, this is where we’ve already trained our robots to perform repeatable tasks e.g. Statement Reconciliation; Employee, Customer or Supplier Onboarding; Invoice Processing or Account Reconciliation.
  2. Hire Robot – You can hire our robot for a set number of hours per week to perform tasks in your business. We would require a minimum of 2 hours per week. This would be provided on a monthly subscription basis and suitability of this option depends on your requirements.
  3. Bespoke Solutions – This will involve a discovery exercise to map out your processes, setup and testing of RPA solution followed by full implementation. Robocloud has a team of RPA Ninjas along with business process consultants to help transform your manual processes.

We have a team of cloud-based software robots and offer a unique process automation service.  This can be used by any sized company and can transform your manual or inefficient business processes.

Robocloud is part of Cleardata, accredited for Information Security, Quality Management Systems and Cyber Essentials.  Based in Hawarden near Chester we offer a UK wide service. Contact our team now to get started, or call 0800 046 8086.  
Robocloud Solutions for Process Automation