HR Onboarding Challenges – Food and Beverage Industry

3rd October 2018 | By Jan Cahill

If your business works in the Food and Beverage Industry you’ll be well aware of the challenges faced for Recruitment andHR Automation for the Food and Beverage Industry Employee Onboarding. A high staff turnover, temporary workers and seasonal peaks can be a demanding combination for the HR Department.

Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, catering or events establishment the benefits of automating your employee onboarding processes could transform your HR Team and make everyday processes much easier.

Robocloud offers a digital workforce, utilising cloud-based software robots who work 24/7 and don’t stop for holidays.  Our robots can perform rigorous HR Onboarding Processes to ensure fast onboarding of catering and kitchen staff in a consistent, legally compliant manner.  Robocloud’s Robotic Process Automation Service is flexible and can be accessed as and when you need it.

How can our digital workforce help?

    • Compliance is an essential part of the HR Onboarding Process to ensure new employees are ready to work.  Our digital workforce can help ensure employees are on-boarded in a legally compliant manner.  Whether it’s validating the employee’s right to work,  qualifications or training, we’ll free up your HR Team’s time from manual data entry and validation processes.
    • Ordering workwear – processes such as requesting workwear and PPE for new starters can be completed automatically.
    • Updating HR and Business Systems – Our workforce can add information to multiple business IT systems, keeping your databases updated.
    • Fast turnaround – If you need to onboard high volumes of staff our digital workforce can perform your manual processes and tasks quickly and efficiently to ensure you meet your business needs.
    • Reduced human error – Our digital workforce will follow your rules and validation processes to ensure your HR Onboarding Processes are completed in a consistent manner, reducing human error and increasing the accuracy of your incoming data.
    • Updating Training Records – Keeping training records updated is also key to ensure key training records are kept up to date, for example, Food Hygiene & Safety, Food Safety Awareness, Cleaning and Food Preparation.

Watch our automated employee onboarding video to find out more about our automated employee onboarding processes for the Food and Beverage Industry. Contact our RPA Experts or call our team on 0800 046 8086.