Improve Employee Satisfaction With RPA

Improve Employee Satisfaction With RPA

24th April 2020 | By Jan Cahill

If your business suffers from a high staff turnover due to low employee satisfaction, consider RPA to transform the way you work. Cloud-based software robots can be utilised to perform repetitive processes, freeing up your staff to do more skilled tasks and increasing employee satisfaction. Not only that, but a digital workforce can carry out manual tasks around the clock, providing vast amounts of data for your human employees to action.  Improve Employee Satisfaction - RPA

Keep Employees Happy

RPA can automate many manual processes for example data entry, data validation, sending emails or even updating multiple spreadsheets or systems.  All the boring, repetitive tasks people don’t like to do, over and over again.  This means employees don’t waste time and can perform more satisfying skills-based activities.

Using our digital workforce can also allow you to fill skills gaps in your business, allowing you to promote staff from within and ensure efficient succession planning. 

How Does It Work?

Cleardata offers a team of cloud-based software robots, who can act as digital helpers for your employees, performing a range of data processing tasks on a daily basis. These can be used by multiple departments e.g. HR, Finance, Operations, Transport or Procurement. 

The service is accessed via a simple subscription and can be scaled up or down as you need it. Want to see our robots in action? Watch this short video to see an overview of where RPA can help your business. 

What Are the Business Benefits of RPA?

Increased Employee Satisfaction & Business Growth – Staff will have the freedom to be creative and interact with different colleagues and customers frequently. The freedom will also make them feel valued and more likely to contribute new, innovative ideas to your organisation to help it grow and succeed.  The CIPD UK Working Lives 2019 survey found that half of workers say their skills are not well matched to their job. With 37% overskilled and 12% underskilled. 

Increased Retention Rates – By enhancing employees job roles, employee retention rates will improve. They’ll be more engaged and efficient, making fewer manual errors and improving customer service in the process. As a business, this will reduce ongoing recruitment and training costs while also increasing productivity.   

Improved training processes – Employee records contain information on induction and training and RPA can send automated reminders to managers when training needs to be completed or improved, or alert employees when new training programmes are available. This allows for improved support and guidance in their roles and, as a result, they’ll be more adaptable and able to carry out a variety of activities to high standards across your organisation. 

If you’re interested in improving your employee satisfaction using RPA contact us or call our team on 0800 046 8086.