Is your Employee Onboarding Process Effective?

17th June 2019 | By Jan Cahill

Employee Onboarding is the process of recruiting and inducting a new employee within your organisation – RPA Services for Employee Onboardingand it starts from the moment the offer is made.

Early stages of employee onboarding begin in the HR Department where lots of repetitive, administrative tasks are carried out to make certain the right person is being hired; tasks such as:

  • Sending out a Provisional Offer
  • Checking Right to Work Documentation
  • Reference Checks
  • Medical Checks
  • Pre-Employment Checks
  • Sending out an Offer
  • Sending Out Company Handbook/Policies
  • Contract of Employment
  • Induction
  • Ordering Uniform/workwear

Unfortunately, these tasks are often manual, lengthy, prone to error and result in delays in employee start dates – this doesn’t give a good first impression to your new hire.

So how can you improve your employee onboarding process?

At Robocloud, we provide Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software that can be easily integrated into your HR on-boarding processes.  In simple terms, our robots can record repeat processes and then perform them automatically in just a few seconds.  They can:

  • Check right to work documentation.
  • Automatically set up new starters on HR and IT platforms
  • Request uniform and workwear
  • Request and receive any employee documentation that requires signature and return
  • Automatically send out company handbooks or policies
  • Automate external or third-party checks on employees
  • Update your HR system or platform e.g. People, Octopus, SAP or Sage
  • Automatically send off for references
  • Capture information from inbound documents and check for name, surname, department, key phrases or sentiments e.g. Artificial Intelligence can check written reference to see if it’s positive or negative.

Once automation is introduced, your staff time will be freed up (this means that they can work with the new recruits rather than spend time getting them set up on the system), data can be gathered, organised and stored easily (saving time and reducing errors), your new employee will experience a more streamlined service (improving their overall experience) and your new member of staff will be working and contributing quicker thanks to an automated process.

Done well, employee onboarding provides a good first impression of your company and gives your new recruit the tools and information they will need for the job.  In the long term, this will lead to enhanced productivity, loyalty and longevity.

To find out more about our automated employee onboarding processes, call Robocloud today on 0800 046 8086 or contact us for more information.