Legal Document Automation

Legal document automation can assist companies in the legal sector to become more efficient, particularly when processing personal injury, RTA accident, financial mis-selling or car finance PCP mis-selling cases. 

Solicitors and legal companies processing these types of cases will be aware that the ability to scale is key. Robocloud can help businesses scale up and minimise recruitment costs by utilising a range of legal document automation services, with a combination of intelligent capture, robotic process automation and IT services to streamline the case process. 

Five Reasons To Use Robocloud’s Legal Document Automation Services

  • Scale – Ability to scale up to deal with incoming cases such as personal injury, accident claims, financial mis-selling
  • Improve client services – improve client experience by automating document processes and speeding up settlement process
  • Increase productivity – Save time on case management, for example handling and management of incoming claims from facebook or other social channels.
  • Reduce Overheads – Automatically process incoming documents, reduce administration time
  • Faster Settlement Process –  Process incoming documents automatically, allow case handlers to focus on more profitable tasks such as resolving open cases and settling cases faster

Or legal document automation services can make a massive difference in the case process, from streamlining the data entry required to improving the accuracy of data held. Not only that, but the flexibility of the service allows us to finetune to suit your legal company processes. 

Legal cases, ranging from court cases to insurance cases, usually involves a significant amount of document management, document logging, data organisation and much more. With this in mind, the paper trail can often become unordered and overwhelming to organise and log, but there are modern solutions available to solve these woes. In general, humans tend to make errors over time, along with a wildly varying speed to complete tasks from employee to employee. Plus, the time spent on these types of jobs can be pretty vast, taking valuable time away from your employees and not utilising their skills to full effect.

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What can our document automation service do?

As we mentioned earlier, our document automation services are designed with your company in mind specifically. A ‘one size fits all’ approach isn’t applicable to our legal document automation service as getting to know your company and its operations is the most crucial aspect of Robocloud’s process. First, our team will spend a day with your business to discover exactly where the obstacles lie and how to best overcome them. From here, we can tailor the solution to fit your business and employee’s, ensuring that everyone is comfortable and consulted in the process.

Feature-wise, our automation solutions are highly competent. The key features of our automation tools which will benefit accident claims management companies include:

  • Identify incoming claims and medical report documents
  • Sort documents by type
  • Identify strings of text, e.g. reply, within 7 days
  • Identify key dates
  • Identify claims number
  • Login to third party systems and perform compliance checks.
  • Find claims numbers in the claims management system
  • Upload relevant documents to the system
  • Automate emails back to clients based on your rules
  • Create workflow tasks or actions in systems for caseworkers to perform

Some people worry that the introduction of automation tools seek to take the place of human employees when in actual fact, the opposite is true. Our solutions free up your employees to target tasks that fully utilise their skills and expertise, better serving your clients and working harder to improve business relationships. It also supports sustainable growth for your business and removes the immediate need to employ additional personnel to keep on top of the data entry and organisation tasks, which can prove quite costly and therefore stunt the potential for growth in your organisation, which is counter-intuitive to the overall goal.

For more information about how our digital solutions can help your company grow at a rapid but structured rate, get in touch with one of our team by calling 0800 046 8081 or by contacting our team.

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