Month End Reporting

Gathering Month-end reporting data for your Board, Management Team or Accounts Processes is essential for identifying any business issues whether its Finance, Operations, HR or Sales and Marketing.

However, Month End Reporting can be a time-consuming task for employees of all levels, including your senior management team.  If you simply haven’t got time to do your reporting and it’s causing frequent issues in your business, consider using Robocloud’s digital workforce to help.

Our robots can gather your reporting data for you on either a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Logging in and accessing information on a time-based schedule to ensure you have the information as and when you need it.  Our cloud-based software robots work day and night to prepare your data for you, in time for that monthly, weekly or daily meeting or even to update your KPI dashboard.  Just tell us the following:-

  • Which key systems or databases we need to query?
  • How do you need to present the data?
  • Do you need any information summarising?
  • When do you need the data for?
  • Who does it need to go to?

What sort of month end reports can this be used for?

  • Financial Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • New Customers
  • Marketing Data
  • Operational Updates
  • Transport Reports

Our digital workforce gather information in a consistent, logical manner, providing excellent accuracy for your monthly reporting processes.

For further information about our month end reporting services contact us or speak to a member of our Robocloud team on 0800 046 8086.

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