Retail Automation Solutions – Five Ways RPA Can Help

Retail Automation Solutions – Five Ways RPA Can Help

28th April 2020 | By Jan Cahill

If your business is striving to be the best in the Retail Industry, with competitive prices and great customer service, you’ll be interested in the latest RPA retail automation technology, to help you operate efficiently and stay ahead of the pack.  RPA Retail Process Automation

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can significantly reduce operating costs and speed up manual retail processes. 

With software robots working faster on repetitive data tasks, employees can be reallocated to do more intelligent, skills-based tasks. 

Changing the way you operate in a challenging environment is critical.  With rising business rates, changes in customer behaviour, resource issues and increasing overheads, those companies that don’t adapt, could be at risk of failure.

Here are five key ways RPA can automate the retail industry:-

  1. Sales Processing – Process incoming sales faster and increase your profits. Think about your existing sales order process, how much time is currently spent on manual data processing just to get your orders out. This could be entering data onto multiple systems, validating customer information, or automatically sending customer emails. Read our VOW case study.
  2. Marketing – Target customers effectively, based on accurate, real-time sales statistics and buying behaviour. Our digital workforce can automatically gather information from multiple business systems, allowing you to target your marketing accurately to the right customer, at the right time.
  3. Stock Management – Automate inventory management to ensure stock levels are managed efficiently.  Software robots can order additional stock, based on your business rules and threshold levels.  They can also provide reporting based on previous, seasonal and current demand.
  4. HR & Recruitment – With high levels of staff turnover and seasonal recruitment, HR can be a demanding task for the Retail Industry.  Automate employee onboarding, monitor performance and ensure relevant training is completed using our software robots. Improve staff onboarding speed and compliance for your business.
  5. Customer Satisfaction – Communicate effectively with your customers, providing the latest promotions and offers efficiently, based on recent consumer behaviour.  Our digital workforce can provide real-time reporting and even cover off your live chat service for you.

To learn more about our RPA Retail Automation Solutions contact us or call 0800 046 8086 to speak to one of our RPA experts.