Robot Decisions – Full Audit Trail

Robocloud offers RPA Services throughout the UK, using best of breed RPA Software.

As part of our Service, our RPA Ninjas can access a full audit trail of our digital software robots decisions made throughout the digital journey. The robot follows logical programmatic steps for the automated processes.

Robocloud can provide a full robot audit trail

The robots can perform many tasks for example:- login to systems, perform tasks, send emails, attach documents, enter data.

The audit trail shows:

  • Time Stamp
  • Date
  • Activity Info
  • Activity Type e.g. type, open programme,  system login, enter password, email or attach document
  • Machine ID
  • Robot Name
  • Process name
  • System Name
  • System Activity
  • Windows Identity
  • Job ID

For further details about Robocloud’s RPA Services contact our team on 0800 046 8086.