RPA As A Service

Robocloud has a team of cloud-based software robots designed to offer innovative Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services. This can transform inefficient business processes and vastly reduce the manual tasks of companies of any size.

RPA as a service means that your business can experience the many benefits that RPA offers without the upfront expense, inconvenience and maintenance commitment of purchasing your own RPA technology.

Robocloud provides a selection of out-of-the-box RPA services which can be accessed through a monthly subscription. The Robocloud team also offer consultancy services and bespoke RPA solutions for your business.

Our digital workforce can perform many different manual tasks for example:-

  • Finance  – Accounts statement reconciliation and validation tasks
  • HR – Employee onboarding, verify and validate incoming emails, integrate data between HR systems
  • IT – data integration and migration tasks
  • Mailroom – validate and verify incoming documents, add information to multiple systems

Why is RPA as a service different?

One of the biggest differences of RPA as a service is the flexibility that it provides to businesses.

Using RPA as a service means that your company does not have to purchase your own servers, licensing or professional services. It is not uncommon for corporations to require the assistance of RPA for a limited period of time. In these cases, it is not logical to purchase costly RPA technology, which will go unused once a particular project or period has concluded.

RPA as a service also means that the robots work exactly when you want them to and only carry out the tasks that you require of them, ensuring maximum utilisation on what you’re paying for and therefore the ROI can be much more compelling

The Benefits

Save Money

Whatever your business needs RPA to assist with, Robocloud’s robots are ready to help. Our specially trained RPA Ninjas can get the robots working immediately, saving your company the time and money required to train employees to control the technology in-house.

Using RPA as a service is also an incredibly cost-effective option, as you only pay for the amount of work you need the robots to complete. Robocloud’s bots can be hired for as little as 2 hours per week and used only to complete the services which you require of them. This saves you money to invest into other aspects of your business.

RPA services also help to save money as the robots work exactly when you want them to. They can function on weekends and evenings when employees do not, saving time during working hours for other tasks to be completed. This also helps to avoid the cost of paying employees to work overtime; especially when during peaks of activity such as end of month or seasonal requirements.


At Robocloud we offer a range of RPA services and options. Whether you need a packaged solution, robot hire or a bespoke service, the team of RPA experts will work with your company to find the right answer for you – and don’t worry, if you prefer to own the licensing and host it yourself, we can do that too!

Robocloud’s RPA Ninjas can train the cloud-based software robots to complete a wide range of manual tasks. So, whichever processes you are looking to improve, Robocloud will investigate your current procedures to develop an automation solution to transform your business.

Purchasing RPA technology is a significant commitment for any business, particularly for those that may not have previous experience with the technology. The transactional or monthly subscription services which Robocloud offer makes such commitment unnecessary, allowing you to access RPA technology only as you need it.

Robocloud is part of Cleardata UK Ltd, accredited for Information Security, Quality Management Systems and Cyber Essentials. For more information, contact our team today, or call us on 0800 046 8086.

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