RPA Insurance

Using RPA in the Insurance sector can transform the way companies work. Businesses can often be swamped with manual processing tasks and as a result they employ RPA Insurance - Automate your insurance processes. Robocloud. more and more staff to cope with demand, but is this really the best solution? Jobs such as opening new claims, sending out paperwork, receiving supporting information and updating systems can be extremely time consuming for claims agents. 

RPA can assist insurance companies by freeing staff of rules based repetitive tasks and allowing them to focus on more business critical responsibilities. 

RPA Insurance Solutions:-

Claims Opening 

Opening new claims can be labor intensive due to the manual data entry requirements and the collection of information from multiple sources. This is a good starting point for RPA Insurance automation, paperwork can be digitised and information extracted using trained software robots. 

Data Analysis 

Claims agents have to sift through supporting evidence to determine if a case is valid or not. Robots can be trained to look for certain strings of words or phrases for example in health insurance, the adviser may be looking at past medical history. RPA can easily identify key dates and terms which can be presented in a format that enables the insurance claims agent to decide if a claim is valid or not, saving huge amounts of time and resources.  


Data can be validated automatically against your insurance company’s rules or requirements, ensure compliant, accurate claims.  

Automated Client Notifications

Agents are often tasks with chasing clients for further information to assist with the claim. RPA can help by monitoring what has already been received and what is still outstanding. Automated notifications in the form of email or texts can be sent to the client freeing up time. Automation also enables stages within a case to be more accurate and therefore enables automated updates to be sent to clients, reducing the number of calls and improving customer service. 

Audit Trail

Tasks performed using RPA are easily measurable in comparison to human activity. Each step of the process is recorded enabling the operations team to report on how many cases are handled per day and the time it has taken to process each case.

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