RPA Technology

13th August 2019 | By Jan Cahill

RPA Technology Services from CleardataRPA Technology is starting to be utilised by many UK businesses to automate business processes.  This is no surprise as the advantages of using robotic process automation are endless, with opportunities to save time, reduce overheads and increase productivity. After all, digital workers can work around the clock, 365 days a year with no holidays or sick leave.

In the current climate when every business is looking for cost-saving opportunities just to remain afloat and stay competitive, can you afford not to explore RPA Technology?

You may have already unknowingly been liaising with a robot in your day to day business activities.  For example, solutions such as live chat can often be run by digital workers to provide information to website visitors. The robots can use common questions or phrases to provide immediate information to your prospective clients or customers. So what else can RPA do?  Here are just a few examples…

Business Tasks RPA Can Perform

  • Competitor Activity – RPA Technology can automatically monitor activity in your market, providing reports and information based on your rules or keywords.
  • Data Entry and Validation – most businesses have staff performing data entry and data validation tasks on a daily basis, entering information into multiple systems or spreadsheets. Imagine if you could free up those employees to do more profitable activities, you’ll also see increased data accuracy using RPA technology.
  • IT and System Integration – Digital workers can integrate data between IT systems, without major investment or programming. This can be an ideal option where you have new cloud-based systems and legacy systems which won’t speak to each other.
  • Automated Workflow – If your business needs to perform a task at a set time, or based on another trigger or event, our digital workers can help.  RPA technology can be used to automate actions based on your rules.
  • Email Monitoring and Action – RPA can be used to monitor incoming emails and perform actions based on business rules.  Digital workers can send emails and add attachments. They can also move a document from an incoming email and add it to another business system.  This can be utilised in many different departments e.g. HR, Sales, Operations or Finance.
  • Finance Tasks – If your accounts payable team dreads the monthly accounts statement reconciliation process, this is an ideal solution!  Robots can be used to compare the financial statement against the ledger and identify errors such as duplicate invoices, exceptions or no PO (purchase order). The robots will provide your AP team with an exceptions list to action, based on your business rules and requirements.
  • HR Tasks – The HR function can create a mountain of paperwork and associated tasks. Use RPA Technology to add data to multiple HR systems automatically, monitor incoming emails for recruitment or new starters, automate sending of new starter or induction information and even validate candidates for right to work compliance.
  • Sales Invoices – Tired of charging customers the wrong prices? RPA Technology can be used to compare your sales invoices to your list product prices to ensure you’re charging correctly and making the right profit margins.

Cleardata offers Robocloud RPA as a Service to businesses throughout the UK.  This provides an accessible RPA solution to businesses of all sizes, enabling companies to hire robot workers for as little as 2 hours per week to perform the manual tasks in their business that nobody else wants to do.

If you’re interested in transforming your business call our RPA Technology Services team now on 0800 046 8086 or contact us.