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Pre-packaged solutions that you can tailor to your own requirements

We’ve developed robotic process automation solutions that suit a range of sectors and scenarios, meaning that you can choose the one that fits your needs best in the knowledge that you’ve got a supported and robust solution as a starting point.  From there we can then tailor the solution to suit your specific requirements, using our best practice knowledge to implement quickly and further reduce time to ROI.

Your tailored solution will then be deployed in RoboCloud, and delivered as a managed service so you don’t have to worry about finding and maintaining infrastructure or supporting the solution on an ongoing basis.

If you don’t see a solution that fits your needs here, be sure to check out what we can do for you with our bespoke solutions.


E-Commerce Retail

Often retail ERP platforms are tightly wound into your operations, and whilst they deliver a certain level of value to your organisation the systems struggle to cope with hand offs between new and old solutions, or to adapt to changing business environments which require processes to be completed outside of the original specifications.  RoboCloud can help – we’ve worked with a number of customers to fill in the gaps between systems and to put controlled, visible, and flexible processes in place where the traditional systems can’t cater for them.

From price file and catalogue management to gathering data on products and competitors, we have worked with some of the biggest retail organisations in the UK to help reduce cost whilst increasing accuracy and insight.

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We specialise in Finance team solutions.  We’ve helped organisations goods receipt processes link with PO and invoicing to provide slick, automated solutions that have revolutionised productivity to allow finance teams to do more with less.

Automating end of month processes, statement reconciliation or one of the many things that finance teams seem to be handed outside of their traditional roles (who’s going to do ‘x’ – shall we give it to Finance?) but yet are still critical to good operational practice is what we do to ensure that this critical function can add more value to the business.

Whichever finance or ERP platform you use, we augment your existing investment in an adaptable, unobtrusive way, so that your teams do less of the grunt work and more of the valuable stuff.

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At RoboCloud we believe that there’s a way to revolutionise traditional legal sector processes and to increase your fee earning utilisation – whilst knowledge workers and judgement calls are still critical to the value that this sector provides its customers, we can help you focus on these areas by reducing the work needed to get there whilst increasing compliance to process and reducing risk.

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