Admin Automation

Automate Your Admin Tasks

If you’re looking to reduce your business costs, or simply need a little help to perform your administration tasks consider using RPA.  This new technology can be used to automate your admin tasks, saving valuable time and money and increasing staff satisfaction at the same time.  Utilise Robocloud’s digital workforce of cloud based software robots to do the tedious administration tasks that nobody wants to do.

How Does The RPA Service Work?

Robocloud, part of Cleardata UK Ltd, offers RPA as a service.  There’s no upfront investment for robot licenses, the cloud based service is accessed via a monthly subscription, based on your business needs and requirements.   Our RPA Ninja’s will visit you to discuss your existing admin processes to understand how RPA maybe able to help.

Once business needs are identified and agreed the robot can be programmed to perform your tasks. A demo will be set up and our RPA team will work with you to get the project up and running quickly and efficiently.

The digital software robots work in an unattended manner, meaning once programmed they complete the task from start to finish. Any problems are notified to our RPA team who will work to understand issues faced by the robots, or errors received during the automated admin processing.

Here’s a few examples:-

Data Processing

RPA can be used to automate administration tasks such as performing a credit check. They can login to your business system, acquire the  company name for checking, login to your credit check system, perform the credit check and then return the data for your admin or finance team to action.  The robots can send an email with the results or upload to your CRM system. Watch the video below to see our credit check robot in action.

Data Entry

If your admin team spend a proportion of their day transferring data from one system to another, consider RPA.  It maybe you have a new cloud based IT system which doesn’t integrate with your legacy business system. Robots can login to your cloud based business system, acquire the data and transfer it automatically into your legacy business system.  This can save time, improve processing speed and increase the accuracy of your data.  Read our case study about how we transfer data automatically from Vow’s sales order processing updates directly from their new customer portal to their legacy ERP system.

Data Validation

Checking data is an important task, for example you maybe processing thousands of invoices per month and rely on your suppliers to submit correct information.  Our robots can validate data from your incoming documents against existing databases to ensure you’re aware of any issues or non compliant information.  Watch our automated statement reconciliation video below to find out how our robots can validate and process your data automatically.

For further details about Robocloud’s automated admin services contact our team today or call 0800 046 8088