Automated Claims Processing

Manual claims processing can create large amounts of paperwork, data entry and validation tasks for your fee earning claims caseworkers to complete on a daily basis. If your business is looking to increase productivity and revenue, consider using RPA or robotic process automation to automate your claims management tasks and processes. automated claims processing - rpa

Allow your caseworkers to spend more time on profitable tasks and less time on basic manual processes.  Claims automation will increase the accuracy of your data, ensuring tasks are performed in a logical, consistent manner with a full audit trail.  You will also speed up your processes, which will enable you to close claims faster increasing client satisfaction and helping revenue come in.

What Can Our Digital Robocloud Workers Do?

The digital workers, or RPA cloud-based software robots, can be programmed to complete a variety of claims processing tasks. For example:-

  • Identify incoming claims documents
  • Sort documents by type
  • Identify strings of text e.g. reply within 7 days
  • Identify key dates
  • Identify claims number
  • Login to third party systems and perform compliance checks.
  • Find claims number in the claims management system
  • Upload relevant documents to the system
  • Automate emails back to clients based on your rules
  • Create workflow tasks or actions in systems for caseworkers to perform

RPA can also be utilised to automate other departmental tasks in your CMC such as HR, Compliance and Finance Processes. With strict regulations in place from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), our digital workforce can help ensure client compliance checks are performed in a consistent manner.

Cleardata’s Robocloud RPA as a Service can help you no matter what type of claims your business is dealing with.  From Insurance to Legal Claims, Mis-sold Accounts, Mortgages, Investments or Loans.  Contact our team today to find out more about our automated claims processing and RPA services or call 0800 046 8081.