Automated Credit Checking – RPA

Credit checking your new clients or suppliers is an essential task to ensure your business is protected but is often not done due to time constraints, or a distributed team not following process.

Imagine having a digital worker to complete this task for you to make sure it’s integrated into your processes without anyone having to think about it! Cleardata’s Robocloud digital workforce can be programmed to complete many different manual tasks including automated credit checking.

How Do Automated Credit Checks Work?

Automated credit checks are a way for companies to quickly and efficiently check the credit history of potential employees, tenants, or customers.

The process typically involves using a specialised software or service, such as Robocloud’s robot workers, to access credit reports from one or more of the major credit reporting bureaus.

Our robots can automatically analyse the credit report, providing a summary of the credit history and identifying any potential red flags.

Automated credit checks can be done in real-time, allowing you to quickly make decisions based on the information provided.

Additionally, automated credit checks can also help with compliance with regulations and ensure that companies don’t discriminate against individuals based on their credit history.

Watch our robot perform a credit check in our video below.

We can activate the digital worker at the point you usually complete the check. For example, if you use Salesforce CRM, this could be completed at the point a new account is created.  The robot can login to your website or software, perform the credit check, grab the data and then enter this information into your CRM or ERP system (or even into a spreadsheet) for your onboarding team to access. Our robots can even perform further tasks such as setting credit limits based on a score or flagging a potentially vulnerable account for human review.

This onboarding task can be performed, quickly and easily in minutes, saving your staff time and ensuring this important process is completed for each and every new client or supplier. The credit check process is one that can sometimes get overlooked by your sales or admin team during busy times which can add unnecessary risk to your business.

Robotic Process Automation or RPA, is accessible to businesses of all size.  Cleardata offers RPA as a service, allowing you to access our team of digital workers via a simple monthly subscription, which can be used as and when you need it.  No major software investment.

Digital workers are low cost and can allow your skilled workforce to focus on more productive tasks. Let your salespeople sell, rather than spending time completing administrative tasks!

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