Education – RPA

There are many manual and paper-heavy processes that are required to be completed by universities, schools and colleges on a daily basis such as attendance records, student admission and grades processing. These can be time-consuming, costly and unproductive, but there is a solution: Robotic Process Automation or RPA.RPA in Education - Schools, Colleges, Universities

We can provide RPA as a Service here at Robocloud (part of Cleardata UK Ltd), giving you the ability to save time and money by having your own digital workforce carry out mundane administration tasks for you on a 24/7 basis-they don’t need any breaks, work through the night, and can be programmed to meet your individual rules and requirements. The service means that there is no upfront cost or software investment, just a monthly subscription scaled to suit your needs.

How Can RPA Automate Education Processes?

Through process automation our bots can carry out a variety of manual processes to help ensure that your systems run efficiently. Our aim is to provide assistance to staff in all departments of your institution (including Finance, Admissions and HR) to enable them to focus on providing students a high quality and interactive education.

Here’s some examples:-

  • Admissions – The university admissions process is a great example where the implementation of RPA can be highly beneficial, with it being a very long and manual process, including course registration, shortlisting and enrolment. Our robots can take the strain out of these processes for you and reduce the turnaround time for students:
    • Check the eligibility criteria and compare it to student applications with intelligent data capture.
    • Validate the information.
    • Cross check application forms.
    • Onboard new students – this is possible through the same processes as employee onboarding, see the video below to find out how it can be done with our RPA technology.
  • Data migration – our digital workers can migrate data between various university, school and college systems for example student information systems, student management systems and school information management systems (SIMS).
  • Attendance management – Our bots are able to monitor student attendance on a daily basis and send out automated notifications to parents, students and teachers when necessary, for example: after 5 absences.
  • Grades processing – RPA technology is able to extract student grades from a database and enter the details into a progress report or other relevant documents before automatically sending it out to the appropriate person such as a student’s parents. This frees up more time for teachers, enabling them to provide students with more accurate feedback at a faster pace.
  • Robot chat – RPA allows for live chats to automate general queries from staff, students and website visitors. Doing this reduces the number of queries dealt with over the phone by individuals, following this, the robot chat technology can also take details from the asker and assign the query to the appropriate faculty member. This can reduce the amount of time a person has to wait to receive an answer and improve their experience.
  • Mail Monitoring – our bots can monitor incoming emails or electronic documentation and assign to the correct person.
  • Accounts Statement Reconciliation – Check your school, college or university finance statements against your ledger and identify any fraudulent activity or errors such as duplicate invoices or non compliant invoices.

RPA Benefits – Schools, Colleges and Universities

  • Reduced errors and improved complianceBook a demo
  • Full audit trail
  • Recognise and manage any issues quickly and easily
  • Increase productivity and focus on high value tasks
  • Improved interactions and relationships between faculty, parents and students
  • Low cost and increased savings
  • High quality service and education for students
  • Flexible access
  • A reduced turnaround time for student admissions means they’re less likely to re-consider and select another university.


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