Health and Safety – RPA

Health and Safety Compliance is a legal requirement for all UK businesses. In order to comply with regulations businesses have to keep thorough records, ensure employees have the correct training and equipment, perform risk assessments and update business systems frequently. RPA or Robotic Process Automation is now available to help automate tasks which can take up a large amount of staff time.RPA - Health and Safety Process Automation

This new technology can be utilised to migrate data across multiple business systems, ensuring information is accurate and flagging up any new training needs to the relevant heads of department or managers. Reporting information can also be gathered to meet your schedules and KPI needs.

Robocloud (part of Cleardata UK Ltd) provides RPA as a Service so that your manual health and safety processes can be revolutionised via a simple monthly subscription. You’ll have access to our RPA experts who can programme the digital workforce to meet your individual rules.

Our robots work around the clock 24/7, 356 days a year. Providing work ready data for your human team to action.

How RPA Can Help?

Robocloud can automate almost any manual process to help you ensure that your company is fully health and safety compliant, aiming to provide your human workforce with the support they need.

Here’s a few examples of how RPA can help:-

  • Employee Onboarding – Robocloud can streamline the onboarding process, carrying out activities such as reference or right to work checks and automatically sending out the employee handbook. RPA can also update employee records and order PPE and equipment. To find out more, check out the Employee Onboarding video below.
  • PPE Management – The recommended lifetimes for PPE vary, for example 6-8 months for ear protection and 6-12 months for work boots. RPA can monitor renewal dates on your PPE system and order employee equipment as per your requirements.
  • Update Records – Our cloud based robots can update employee or H&S records when required. For example:-
    • Accidents and incidents reporting – allowing employees and managers to identify any patterns that may be occurring and better assess and manage the risk.
    • Purchase and maintenance of equipment
    • Employee records – update with any new certifications or details.
    • Occupational Health and Disease
  • Data Reporting – The bots can gather data and present via a reporting dashboard to provide employees a clear overview of risks, accidents and management strategies for employees. These can be monitored and checked by our robots to identify when new high level risks have been recognised, or if the hazard has been recorded previously.
  • Automated notifications – the bots can alert managers and employees to a variety of issues, for example:-
    • Health and Safety policies should be reviewed and updated annually.
    • Notify employees of upcoming training courses.
    • Send reminders for refresher courses. This may be required after an incident, or compliance changes, to ensure employees are fully aware of safety procedures.
    • Alert managers to any accidents or incidents to allow an investigation or disciplinary action.
    • Identify new high level risks on the risk register.

RPA BenefitsBook a demo

  • Increased efficiency
  • Low cost digital workforce
  • Redeploy employees to do more skills based tasks
  • Improved compliance
  • Full audit trail
  • Scheduled reporting to improve access to health & safety statistics

Find out more about RPA for health & safety process automation today – call 0800 046 8086 or contact us to speak to one of our RPA consultants!