Housing Associations – RPA

There are many administrative processes and activities that need to be completed on a daily basis to ensure housing associations keep running efficiently. These include tenant onboarding, rental agreements, maintenance, customer service and housing compliance.RPA-Housing-Associations

Through robotic process automation or RPA a variety of activities can be carried out by our digital workforce, providing your staff with a helping hand to save time on laborious admin and data validation tasks. This can enhance employee satisfaction and improve relationships with tenants and suppliers.

Robocloud (part of Cleardata UK Ltd) has a digital workforce of cloud based software robots operating around the clock. The company provides RPA as a Service, a low cost, flexible solution that doesn’t require an upfront investment, just a simple monthly subscription, which gives you access to our workforce and RPA Experts. RPA bots can be programmed to meet your individual rules and requirements. Check out our case studies to find out more.

How Can RPA Help?

Housing associations have to process many different types of incoming records and paperwork, ranging from housing applications, repair requests, tenancy agreements, customer correspondence or complaints. With important deadlines and dates on documentation resulting in key processes to ensure tenants housing occupancy is secured, eviction notices are served or maintenance needs are met.

Here’s some examples of what our digital workers can do:-

  • Categorise, log and index incoming paperwork to ensure fast processing, increase data accuracy and meet required deadlines.
  • Recognise document types, reference numbers and relevant dates on incoming mail and validate data against your Association’s compliance rules.
  • Sort documents by type and upload to the relevant housing system, allowing workflow to be allocated to the correct person to deal with.
  • Provide automated email notifications.
  • Integrate and migrate tenancy and housing data between multiple systems. This can help with the efficient transfer of data from traditional legacy systems to new cloud based solutions.
  • Onboarding – onboarding can be a lengthy, time consuming process consisting of application submission and review, lease signing and securing deposits. Using RPA technology, it is possible to automate the validation of information on each application quickly and accurately, and even enroll tenants into an online system. This is a similar process to employee onboarding – check out the page for more information!
  • Complaints Management – automatically recognise, log and assign incoming complaints to ensure you meet your required housing association service standards.
  • Statement Reconciliation – Reconcile your statements automatically using our automated statement reconciliation service. See the video below to find out more.

Benefits of RPA

  • Full audit trailBook a demo
  • Save time with improved processing speed and focus on high value activities
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve efficiency
  • Boost productivity
  • Improved tenant-landlord relationships
  • Flexibility
  • Low cost digital workforce
  • Reduced errors
  • Improved compliance

Call us on 0800 046 8086 today or contact us to speak to one of our RPA consultants and find out more about how RPA can be used in Housing Associations and start your process automation journey today.