Manufacturing – RPA

With global competition in the manufacturing industry increasing, rapid technological developments and the need for innovative, high value products, comes the requirement of increased data management and processing. These activities are time intensive and costly, including procurement, payment and inventory management, and prevents the quick manufacturing and delivery of products to customers.RPA-Manufacturing

Robocloud (part of Cleardata UK Ltd) provides RPA As A Service, which allows you to tackle these challenges head on. There’s no upfront cost or investment, just a simple monthly subscription which provides you with access to our team of RPA experts who can programme our digital workforce to meet your exact requirements. The digital workforce consists of cloud based software robots who can work 24/7 to automate your mundane, manual processes; they work through the night, and don’t need breaks.

How Can RPA Help In Manufacturing?

The core goals for manufacturing organisations center around growth, quality and efficiency. Our aim with Robocloud is to provide you with the support needed to achieve these goals across the entire organisation, from the supply chain, to administration (Finance and HR) to production.

Here’s how RPA can help manufacturing processes:-

  • System integration and data migration – with technological advancements constantly occurring their integration with legacy and CRM systems is essential to continuous development in manufacturing, and the RPA software can carry this out in a fraction of the time.
  • Inventory management – RPA bots can monitor customer demand and previous order levels to establish appropriate amounts of a material or component. This can be carried out when stock levels reach a minimum threshold level (determined by your rules).
  • Supply chain management – RPA technology can aid supply chain management and logistics in a variety of ways with transport system integration, effective monitoring and email automation. Email automation keeps suppliers and customers updated of the stages that a product enters from placement and production to shipment and delivery. Check out our RPA in Ecommerce to find out more about how RPA can be used in supply chain management.
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) – this is a key manufacturing system, and it is vital that employees have access to the bill of materials, containing high quality and accurate data to ensure that the right information is obtained when purchasing materials or components. Our bots can provide enhanced accuracy and faster access, enabling the quick acquisition of high quality materials to fulfill orders and meet objectives.
  • CRM system – RPA can carry out automatic updates in your CRM system for changing customer details or regarding the various stages of the production process. Automatic alerts can also be created in maintaining a contact schedule throughout and enhancing customer communication.
  • Administration – various other functions need to be carried out in a manufacturing company such as paperwork digitisation, planning, employee onboarding and accounts reconciliation. RPA technology can carry out these tasks for you, even producing automated emails. Check out the Automated Accounts Reconciliation video below to find out how RPA technology can tackle one of these examples.

RPA Benefits In Manufacturing Processes

  • Reduce errors and wasteBook a demo
  • Improve product and service quality
  • Reduce costs and save time
  • Flexible access
  • Amplify productivity and increase sales
  • Increased efficiency across the value chain
  • Enhance supplier and customer relationships
  • Boost employee satisfaction with new focus on high value tasks
  • Improved procurement and compliance with a full audit trail

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