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The Media & Entertainment industry faces fierce competition and with it comes lots of paperwork to process. These activities can prevent employees from focusing on high value tasks such as content creation and CRM. RPA can tackle this issue head on, automating mundane, manual activities so your employees can focus on delivering high quality content and customer service.RPA-Media-Entertainment

Robocloud (part of Cleardata UK Ltd) provides RPA as a Service, meaning it’s a scalable, monthly subscription. Our RPA Ninjas can program the robots to meet your rules and requirements and they operate on a 24/7 basis to provide you with work ready data – they don’t need breaks or holidays, don’t get bored and don’t get ill.

Our digital workforce provides you with a helping hand, automating your processes and systems to help you gain a competitive advantage in this intense market.

RPA Uses In Media & Entertainment

Robocloud can automate many processes in these industries such as forms processing and robot chat.

Here’s some examples of how RPA can be used in Media & Entertainment:-

  • Sort and update files – The bots can sort and update records on various systems, reducing the need to input the same data into multiple systems, and can group records according to the rules you set e.g. by employee number or customer name.
  • Data migration and system integration – This can be useful if your business has multiple systems on various platforms. Employees frequently spend time manually migrating data due to issues with system integration. New cloud based systems often won’t talk to older legacy systems, which can be problematic. RPA can be used as the glue between your systems, to automatically migrate this data, saving valuable time for your team.
  • Statement Reconciliation – Process automation allows you to save large amounts of time by carrying out payment validation, month end account reconciliation and other similar activities. This improves accuracy and allows your finance team to focus on key tasks.
  • Forms processing – Intelligent process automation can validate and reject forms and identify information when it is received or missing based on the rules you set. In the media and entertainment industry many forms need to be processed on a daily basis, these include:-
    • License requests
    • Copywriter requests
    • Synchronisation forms
    • Lyrics processing and submission
    • Writers registration form
  • Document verification – RPA can validate data but can also be used to review documents and content for errors such as spelling and ensuring that details such as phone numbers are correct.
  • CRM & customer insights – The digital workforce can automatically update customer records, help improve GDPR compliance and conduct analytics to gain an improved customer insight. This allows sales teams to be more proactive and develop more meaningful customer relationships and develop content customers want. Check out our Sales & Marketing page to find out more.
  • Content discovery – Track online news and competitor websites to develop more ideas for content. This, with data taken from analytics and customer insights, will allow you to better target your audiences, optimise tools such as SEO and enhance customer engagement.
  • Robot chat – Improve customer service by automating your live chat system using our digital workforce. The bots can generate replies to general queries and complaints by customers, and forward more complex questions to the appropriate person, improving response times and boosting customer satisfaction.Book a demo

RPA Benefits In Media & Entertainment

  • Cost savings
  • Boost efficiency
  • Ensure compliance
  • Improve content discovery
  • Improved CRM and customer satisfaction
  • Focus on high value tasks
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Full audit trail

To find out more about process improvement for the Media & Entertainment industries speak to one of our RPA consultants. Call 0800 046 8086 or contact us to start your intelligent process automation journey today!