Pharmaceuticals – RPA

The pharmaceutical sector processes large volumes of paperwork on a daily basis, dispensing over 1 million prescriptions every year. Pharmaceutical professionals have to ensure full legal compliance across all activities including inventory control, clinical trial information and manufacturing.


Robocloud (part of Cleardata UK Ltd) can help alleviate the paperwork, providing RPA as a Service to help your organisation maintain efficiency and compliance. Our RPA Experts can scale the cloud based digital workforce to suit your needs and program them to your rules and requirements. It’s flexible and there’s no upfront investment, just a simple monthly subscription.

How Can RPA Help In Pharmaceuticals?

Robotic process automation can tackle many manual processes and Robocloud aims to support your human workforce, enabling them to focus on ensuring patients receive the care they need and meeting the standards set by the General Pharmaceutical Council.

Here’s a few examples:-


  • Sort and update records – every pharmacy record is important, containing patients’ confidential information including medication, treatment and medical history. RPA can sort incoming documents accurately, improving documentation and processes. Other records include:-
    • Orders and delivery notes
    • Quality control documents
    • Clinical trials information
    • Dispensing labels
    • Ward pharmacy requests
    • Laboratory notebook data
  • As part of Cleardata we offer document storage and scanning services, enabling pharmaceutical documents to be scanned, OCR’d and sorted quickly and efficiently.
  • Data validation – RPA can validate documents and compare the information to a database e.g. the comparison of delivery notes with a purchase order database.


  • System integration and data migration – The robots can integrate data between your various business systems. Acting as a bridge between new cloud based systems and older legacy systems. For example integrating data from a cloud based CRM system into an ERP system. Allowing a seamless integration and saving time for your staff.


  • Employee onboarding is an opportunity for process improvement. The digital workforce is able to automate onboarding activities including reference checks, documentation requests and order workwear. Check out the page to find out more.


  • Accounts statement reconciliation – the bots can automatically work through your bank statement and carry out reconciliation tasks for you such as matching receipts and checking loans.
  • Automated credit checking – the digital workforce can carry out credit checks at the point you usually complete it manually. This process improvement saves time and helps protect your company when onboarding both new customers and new suppliers.


  • CRM management – RPA can perform automatic updates in your CRM system in accordance with the stages of your sales process and provide the team with automated reminders to send follow up emails.
  • Thanks to the digital workforce integrating systems, and storing and updating necessary information, the sales team can have easy, flexible access to accurate sales data. They can use this to identify potential opportunities and use the records to better prepare for sales meetings.

Supply and inventory management

  • Supplier onboarding – The bots can onboard suppliers to ensure compliance with your standards, carrying out supplier checks and requesting third party references. Have a look at the supplier onboarding page to learn more.
  • Inventory management – RPA can use demand and previous order level data to establish acceptable order quantities when stock levels of medications reach a minimum threshold, as set by your rules.

Automated Reminders

  • The digital workforce can send automated reminders to both pharmaceutical professionals and customers regarding various activities:-
    • Prescription pick ups
    • Supply chain management – keeping suppliers and customers aware of the various stages that an order is progressing through and when, from order placement to shipment and delivery.
    • RPA can track legislative sites and alert you of any changes or updates to legislation to help ensure that you remain compliant and implement any necessary procedures.

RPA Benefits in Pharmaceuticals

  • Proof of compliance and fewer prescription errorsBook a demo
  • Confidentiality
  • Enhanced patient care
  • Reduced costs
  • Improve speed and accuracy
  • Built in scalability
  • Quick ROI
  • Flexibility for approved persons
  • Full audit trail
  • Boost job satisfaction and performance

Call 0800 046 8086 or contact us to speak to one of our RPA consultants and find out more about how RPA can transform your pharmacy systems and start your process automation journey today!