Automate Procurement Processes Automated Data Processing Services - RPA

Effective procurement can make a big difference to your company’s profitability.  Procurement Officers and Buyers are generally well paid staff, but some of their tasks can involve large amounts of administration and manual procesing. If you want to free up your buyers to spend more time on procurement and less time on admin, consider using RPA or Robotic Process Automation to make your processes more efficient.

Robocloud offer RPA as a service, which means it is accessible to businesses of all sizes.  No need for major investment in RPA licensing or programmers, Robocloud offers automated solutions via a monthly subscription.

Our digital workforce of cloud based software robots can be used to automate many different types of manual tasks. We recommend looking at repetitive, manual tasks e.g. data entry, data validation or data migration or even reporting.

Here’s a few examples of how RPA can help automate your procurement processes.

Tender Compliance – Check incoming digital tender responses for compliance against procurement requirements

Supplier Databases – Update and review supplier information. Ensure correct information is held and provide automatic emails to ensure supplier files are up to date.

Contract Monitoring – Monitor digital contracts and flag up contracts due for renewal. Send notifications to relevant business contacts to prepare for contract renewal.

Procurement Reporting – Provide automatic scheduled reporting for procurement activity. Report on savings, contract usage, issues or bottlenecks in your procurement processes.

Credit Checks – Our robots can automate supplier checks such as credit checks. Find out more…

Where to start

Robocloud has a team of RPA Ninja’s who will visit your business to analyse existing procurement processes and provide recommendations around which tasks can be automated by the robots. This won’t take over your employees jobs, it will just allow them to spend more time on more skills based tasks, saving you valuable time and increasing productivity.  It will also increase employee satisfaction, by reducing the amount of boring, admin tasks.

For further information about Robocloud’s automated RPA solutions for Procurement contact our team or call 0800 046 8086.