RPA In Ecommerce

RPA Solutions for E-Commerce Retail

Automated retail and e-commerce processes

Cleardata has worked with some of the UK’s largest B2B, e-commerce and retail companies to reduce costs, increase accuracy and speed up business processes using its intelligent automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Services.

RPA as a service allows e-commerce companies to hire cloud-based software robots by the hour, from as little as 2 hours per week. This means you can reap the benefits of robotic process automation without having to invest in your own licensing and software.  An ideal solution for SME’s as well as larger businesses. The company offers packaged and bespoke RPA solutions: find out more here.

The e-commerce sector lends itself really well to RPA, as there are many repetitive processes that can be automated using this new automation technology. Process automation solutions are available for:

Robocloud Automation Solutions:

Document exchange

Using a combination of Cleardata’s products and services, such as digital mailroom, scanning, intelligent data capture and Robocloud RPA, the business has helped organisations effectively validate and route inbound documents and information.

Rules can be set up so that tasks are carried out automatically by our robots, or information is forwarded to the relevant person or department, with a required action detailed.   For example, the robot can detect the client number and associate the incoming document with the data on your client or case management system. 

This can considerably speed up processing, improve customer service levels and decrease the risk of documents going missing or sitting in ‘in-trays’ waiting for someone to deal with them.

Systems integration

Robotic process automation from Robocloud is the perfect way to create an interface between different systems.  Systems integration can be a real challenge, particularly when companies have legacy and new cloud-based solutions which won’t talk to each other.  RPA customers have had great results when the Robocloud digital workforce has assisted them to link stock, PO platforms and ERP solutions – all without IT development or programming. 

Retail stock management

RPA lets you accurately monitor stock levels and review future replenishment orders using data stored digitally. That way you can always maintain the right amount of stock for maximum efficiency in your business.

Cleardata’s team can set up an RPA solution that does exactly what you need to ensure that stock management runs like clockwork at your e-commerce business.

Price catalogue management

Use our automated solutions to help maintain price catalogues across multiple supplier and customer relationship systems, regardless of scale – reducing the need for a team of staff to perform this manual task and increasing the accuracy of your price catalogues.

This, in turn, frees up your employees to carry out other tasks that will help to add value to your business. You’ll also ensure invoices are more accurate with the latest price increases or adjustments and avoid undercharging your customers. 


How do we get started?

  1. RPA consultants will analyse your business to see where automation could streamline processes and in turn increase profitability. Often, this is where information has to be transferred manually from one system to another. 
  2. A set of rules and workflow, unique to your business, is created to allow our RPA Ninja’s to programme the digital workforce to carry out the required tasks in a logical, consistent manner. 
  3. The testing process begins. Our team will request the required data to ensure the automated process is working as expected and identify any issues. 
  4. The team will output the data created by our digital workforce in a pre-agreed format, providing your workforce with actionable data ready for the next stage in your process. 

A Successful Example: Evo Group

Robocloud can tailor a unique RPA solution that automates and improves specific areas in your business. One example of a successful RPA implementation is for e-commerce client Evo Group.

Cleardata’s RPA team were able to automate their cancellation process for orders placed and cancelled online, resulting in massive savings in staff time and in money. It is an excellent example of RPA acting as a channel between two systems: in this case, the online order system and the company’s ERP system. You can read more here in our case study.

Increase E-commerce Profitability Using Robocloud

If you have monotonous processes that slow down your business and eat up your staff’s time, get in touch to see if Cleardata’s Robocloud RPA Solution can provide an automated solution that works for you. We are experts in robotic process automation and have had fantastic feedback from the companies we have worked with. 

Call our team today on 0800 046 8086 or get in touch using our contact form.