Sales & Marketing Automation – RPA

In a recent report by Forbes, it was found that on average, two thirds of a sales rep’s time is spent completing non-revenue activities, leaving only one third for functions related to sales. This can be very expensive and leave customers feeling dissatisfied.RPA- Sales and Marketing

RPA provides an opportunity to save time and money in the sales and marketing departments, and can become a critical element of your strategies. Robocloud (part of Cleardata UK Ltd) provides RPA as a service, meaning there’s no upfront investment and our team can be utilised to meet your requirements and programme to your rules. The RPA Service is available through a monthly subscription which can be scaled suitably, allowing you to hire a digital worker to act as a support for your employees.

Our digital workforce provides a helping hand for employees, able to complete manual tasks on a 24/7 basis to provide accurate, validated data for clients to process and boost productivity which resultantly improves both employee satisfaction and the overall customer experience.

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Marketing Automation 

How Can RPA Help

Our robots can be trained to carry out a variety of marketing automation processes including data integration between systems, monitoring of statistics and manual tasks such as market research and CRM updates. 

Here’s some examples of how Robocloud can help automate your marketing processes:-

  • RPA can provide data integration from key business systems e.g ERP or E-commerce Systems into your CRM system. This can be useful when you have a legacy system and need to integrate data into a new cloud-based system. 
  • Create a reporting dashboard, pulling information from multiple business systems to provide live, real time data for your marketing team to analyse.
  • Track and analyse statistics, bringing SEO analytics and keyword performance to one single dashboard allowing you to tweak your marketing efforts accordingly.
  • Monitor social media accounts and improve the understanding of customer insights to aid the development of more relevant content. 
  • Competitor Research – Track competitor performance. This analysis can also be used in competitor pricing analysis, creating alerts for when competitor prices change, when new entrants create their own websites or follow and analyse new marketing campaigns. The data can be used by your marketing team to develop new campaigns tailored to suit customer insights; assessing current actions, identifying areas and channels of improvement and modifying campaign goals.

Sales Automation

Save time for your sales team by transforming your sales processes using RPA.  Our digital workers can help with:-

    • Live chat bot, monitoring your live chat and providing information on request. 
    • Monitor incoming emails and provide notifications to your sales team based on your business rules.
    • Perform automated credit checks to on board new clients or customers.  See video demo below. 
    • Validate and assign incoming digital paperwork into your existing business systems. 
    • Perform automatic updates in your CRM system based on varying stages in your sales process.
    • Create sales automation workflows for email updates to customers.
    • Research potential customers and allocate them to the sales team. For example:-
      • inactive accounts (Is there the potential to regenerate a relationship?) 
      • contact active customers, sending them notifications of new products, offers or discounts
      • create alerts for the sales team when follow ups are necessary. 
    • Automate the production of sales quotations. 
    • Automate Sales Order Processing; for example cancelling order lines or dealing with emailed order requests. Check out our recent Sales Automation VOW case study.

Benefits of RPA in Sales and Marketing

  • Boost productivity
  • Improve the customer experience and increase satisfaction
  • Improve account management
  • Increase sales – quick ROI
  • Automate your sales and marketing automation journey
  • Focus on high value tasks
  • Allow employees to spend less time on manual tasks, increasing employee satisfaction
  • Improve accuracy in targeting audiences and content relevance
  • Flexible access
  • Low cost digital workforce
  • Consistent approach and full audit trail 
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