Small Business – SME – RPA

SME - Small Business RPAMany businesses and organisations are now starting to use RPA or robotic process automation to improve productivity and transform manual business processes.

RPA provides a huge opportunity to save time and money and can be a key element of your digital transformation strategy.  However, this can be expensive to implement from scratch for an SME.  Buying your own RPA software/platform and having the required resources/developers to programme to your rules or requirements could be an immediate showstopper.

Robocloud (part of Cleardata UK Ltd), provides RPA as a Service which is an ideal solution for Small Businesses and SME’s. There’s no upfront investment needed to buy RPA software and we have a team of RPA Consultants and Ninja’s for you to utilise to meet your exact requirements.

Robocloud’s Service is accessed via a simple monthly subscription and can be scaled up or down to suit.  It allows you to hire a digital worker to work alongside your team to perform manual tasks. In the future it will be as commonplace as procuring software as a service.

For more info on digital workers, take a look at “What Is a Digital Worker? Understanding Software Bots“.

Existing clients have described our digital workforce as a helping hand for their employees, providing a useful resource to complete the manual, day to day processes that nobody else wants to do. It’s saving them hours of time per week, increasing employee satisfaction and delivering valuable business data.

Robocloud’s digital software robots work 24/7 around the clock, providing accurate, validated data for clients to process.

What Can Robocloud Do For Small Businesses and SME’s?

Our robots can be trained to do many different manual data processes, covering multiple departments and sectors, e.g. Finance, HR, Legal or IT.  The best way for you get an idea of RPA possibilities is to watch our digital workforce in action. See our automated credit check demo below. It takes just a couple of minutes.

This shows our Robocloud workers grabbing new client data from our document management system in order to perform an automated credit check as part of our new client on-boarding process. In short the robots can be programmed to perform any number of manual tasks for example:-

  1. Logging into existing business systems
  2. Performing checks or validation
  3. Downloading reports
  4. Sending reports via email to required individuals
  5. Uploading reports
  6. Adding relevant notes or indexing information

Once these tasks are completed this can generate other actions or tasks by your employee workforce, based on your required document workflow. Check out our recent RPA digital transformation case studies.

Digital Transformation Benefits – RPA

  • Low cost digital workforceBook a demo
  • Flexible access, scale up or down as required
  • Consistent, logical approach with full audit trail
  • Free up time for skilled workforce to focus on key tasks
  • Utilise digital workforce to perform manual data processing tasks
  • Improve productivity – our robots don’t get bored, take breaks or holidays
  • Automate manual tasks and improve processing speed
  • Increase customer satisfaction


Speak to one of our RPA Consultants to find out how Robocloud can transform your SME business processes. Call 0800 046 8086 or contact us to start your digital transformation today!