Travel & Tourism System Automation – RPA

The travel and tourism industry generates approximately 292 million jobs a year, accounting for one in ten jobs worldwide. The industry also sees high levels of demand, but with this comes lots of data processing activities to manage customer data and their bookings, and integrating it into the various systems and processes involved, such as travel agent booking systems and tour operator software. These activities are time consuming and costly, and as a result, customer experience can suffer, so it’s important that a balance between efficient data processing and quality service is achieved. RPA-Travel-Tourism-System-Automation

RPA can help achieve this balance, and Robocloud (part of Cleardata UK Ltd) provides RPA as a Service. This means that you can have a team of RPA experts programme a digital workforce of cloud based software robots to meet your individual requirements without paying an upfront investment, just a monthly subscription which can be scaled to suit your needs. Our digital workforce can operate 24/7 to ensure that your travel company’s productivity levels stay high while you provide your customers with high quality services.

How Can RPA Help The Travel & Tourism Industry?

Our bots can automate any manual process, from the integration of systems to Finance and Marketing. Robocloud’s aim is to provide you with a helping hand to keep your travel business running efficiently, giving your customers the high quality service they expect.

Here’s some examples of how RPA can help:-

  • Booking process automation – the entire holiday booking process can be automated with RPA software, reducing the waiting time for customers and lowering costs. This improves customer satisfaction and allows you to focus on upselling holiday packages.
  • Integrate legacy and CRM systems to streamline their use.
  • Passenger Name Records (PNR) – this is one of the most important travel and transport documents, holding important passenger details including names and contact and ticket details. RPA bots can enter and update PNR information for travel agents, doing this at a much quicker and accurate rate. They are also able to update ticket cancellations and carry out refunds efficiently, ensuring that your travel management system continues to operate seamlessly.
  • Data validation – the bots can upload scanned documents and use intelligent data capture to verify signatures and automate approval or rejection recommendations. Following this, all documents can be easily organised, accessed and updated in the case of any regulation or data changes.
  • Robot chat – RPA technology can monitor your live chats and provide automated information to general queries.
  • Customer insights – the digital workforce can provide customer insights and analytics from various sources, and classify them based on information such as demographics and average spend per annum. This allows you to adapt and design promotional activities accordingly. Sources that can be monitored include:-
    • Social media
    • Company websites
    • Booking websites
    • Top destination pages
  • Competitor analysis – our bots can track competitors and their strategies, creating alerts for when their prices change. The travel and tourism industry is fiercely competitive, and the insight RPA software provides can result in a competitive advantage.

RPA Benefits – Travel and Tourism

  • Boost efficiency and productivityBook a demo
  • Quick ROI
  • Focus on high value activities and more time spent with customers
  • Enhancing the customer experience and increasing satisfaction
  • Improving employee satisfaction
  • Reduced errors and improved compliance
  • Reduced costs and increased savings
  • Flexible access
  • Improve service quality and timeliness

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