Digital Workforce Solutions to demystify business processes

Cleardata provides quick to implement, digital workforce solutions for businesses looking to maximise efficiencies, drive results and increase workforce productivity. Using the latest digital technologies, our excellently crafted technology solutions are tailored to your business requirements.


Robot Process Automation

Our software robot packages are available on demand, with no capex requirement – allowing your staff to get on with more valuable activities.  We’ve got loads of use cases, ready for you to choose and tailor to your business.

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Intelligent insight

We pride ourselves on data – and we can deliver information analysis from any of our solutions to help you make better decisions.  We also offer operational BI capabilities so if you want us to analyse your data to help reduce cost, spot inefficiencies or drive organisational performance we’re adept at combining multiple sources of information to provide predictive, actionable and intelligent insight.

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Bespoke Solutions

If none of our packaged solutions fit your needs, we have extensive experience in creating bespoke solutions – from responsive mobile applications to workforce management solutions.  We also work with a range of trusted partners to ensure that you have the right solution for your requirements.

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Data Migration Services

Our digital workforce can efficiently migrate data from a new system to a legacy system or vice versa. Our robots can validate and test data and maintain the integrity of the data.

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