Automated Account Reconciliation

Robotic Process Automation

For any Finance staff involved in Account Reconciliation you’ll know that this is a time consuming and tedious task, spending hours matching payments and incoming transactions against your general ledger is no fun!   We all love that magical moment when the matched balance is the same as the statement balance.

Robocloud’s RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Software can transform the way you work.  You’ll have your own cloud-based digital workforce who will perform manual Account Reconciliation tasks for you,  automatically working through your bank statement and general ledger throughout the night and day! (Our robots don’t sleep).

Our digital workforce can be trained to do any sort of repetitive, manual task, checking between multiple systems and escalating any issues to the relevant person in your Finance Team.  This isn’t just for big companies, Robocloud offers a flexible service which can be accessed as and when required, to suit the peaks and troughs in your Finance Team’s workload.  No capital investment is required up front, providing an accessible solution to both small and medium-sized businesses.

What sort of account reconciliation tasks can software robots do?

  • Month End Account Reconciliation
  • Reconciling your general ledger software e.g. Sage, Oracle, Xero or Quick Books
  • Checking line items on your bank statement against general ledger
  • Money going out e.g. Expenses, Wages or Bills
  • Checking for any duplication in payments
  • Validate payments on account
  • Check money coming in from customers or other sources
  • Match Receipts for debit or credit card transactions
  • Check Loans coming into the business

Automated Account Reconciliation Services from Robocloud

Benefits of automating account reconciliation

What are you waiting for, RPA can save your company so much time and money. Here’s a few of the benefits detailed below.

  • Save time manually checking through your bank statements and general ledger software
  • Allow finance team to focus on key accounts payable tasks
  • Improve accuracy
  • Speed up processes
  • Reduce duplicate payments

Robocloud is part of Cleardata UK Ltd.  Cleardata is certified for Information Security, Quality Management and Cyber Essentials Plus. Our business works with many blue chip and public sector organisations throughout the UK.

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