Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

If none of our packaged solutions fit your requirements, we have skilled analyst and delivery teams that can look at your processes and requirements and deploy custom solutions to enable your business to maximise efficiency.Book a demo

We can create a custom, automated workflow using Robotic Process Automation tools and deliver it as a managed service so you get all of the benefits of RPA without having to look after it yourself.  Alternatively, we can provide licenses, consultancy and project support if you want to run a solution on-premise if, for instance, your information security policy doesn’t allow for external connectivity to your platforms.

Cleardata can also design and implement a solution that uses other services or technologies – for instance, if you chose to automate invoice or document processing through Cleardata (our invoice automation services) we can combine this with RPA to automatically update your ERP platform.

We also provide bespoke software services, so when we think a process or requirement better fits this, or a combination of solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Remember, we’re an innovative organisation with plenty of experience in continuous process improvement across many sectors with a large toolkit of solutions to choose from so if you want to find out how to supercharge your business, get in touch!

Some of our bespoke solutions

Manufacturing process improvement

We’ve got a great track record in analysing and improving manufacturing processes –  Contact us for a chat about what we’ve done previously and how we can help your business.

Mobile workforce solutions

Cleardata have successfully delivered a number of mobile workforce solutions including proof of delivery and mobile work management, all fully integrated with back office systems.  Contact us for more detail.

Retail Inventory and Management App

From electronic point of sales to retail stock management and inventory management, our retail app development services can assist retail establishments on both high street and web.  Using software integrated with existing systems and mobile handset, we can help to keep track of stock levels to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Automotive process improvement

We’ve helped car makers improve efficiency  on production lines and data transfer; designing custom solutions that integrate with their internal systems and introducing mobile form factors and apps to enable increased productivity.

Bespoke solutions by Robocloud