Intelligent Insight

Access to intelligent Insight is critical for any business to provide the knowledge to make the right decisions, at the right time – yet it’s often difficult and time-consuming to put together, doesn’t provide a clear indication of what needs to happen and is often misconstrued.

At Robocloud, we have experience of addressing these challenges – from automating weekly or monthly report collation so you can run it daily, through innovative workforce systems, all the way to predictive analytics that can help to accurately inform tactical and strategic decisions.

What value could Intelligent Insight deliver for your business?

Supply chain analysis

To influence the future, look at the past – intelligently.  We can help analyse your purchases using data from multiple sources in order to help you reduce future costs, or help to ensure that your supply chain is as lean as possible whilst ensuring delivery for your customers.  We can also use our complimentary technology solutions to help monitor this on an ongoing basis, or to help you reduce risk and cost in your supplier base.

Workforce scheduling and monitoring

How productive is your workforce?  If you know, you’re in the minority of organisations that then start to improve efficiency using an iterative, test and learn approach.  We’ve put in place unobtrusive software solutions that work alongside your people to give you those answers.

Predictive analytics

We can build predictive analytical models that help you to make data-driven decisions about the future.  We have experience working with B2B organisations to help them better forecast demand for products and services, or to predict requirements for service fulfilment.

Combined insight

We can provide a lower-cost alternative to spending hours of valuable staff time compiling MI and management reports, or to expensive BI platforms that serve as data warehouses.  Using our automation technology capabilities, we can perform ETL processes and reporting activities to your specification as to run as often as your business needs require.

Intelligent Insight provided by Robocloud's Digital Workforce