Paperless Office Solution

Paperless Solutions

RPA Paperless SolutionCleardata’s Robocloud and Document Management Services can help your business become completely paperless.  The company offers digital mailroom operations, scanning, document management and archive storage, as well as bespoke RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions.

Our team of paperless consultants can convert your manual paper processes into an automated approach using a combination of paperless services and digital RPA technology.  RPA as a service provides a digital workforce of cloud-based software robots who can tackle many manual business processes such as data entry, validation, reviewing incoming emails or adding documents to multiple systems. This can have a significant impact on your company, saving both time and money.

Our team offers consultancy services to assess your existing paper process and can implement/integrate with your existing systems, with full support and training.

How can going paperless improve your business?


Free space

Increase valuable office space and re-utilise those extra areas for core business activities or even extra staff.


Save money

Paper costs more than you think – you’d be surprised at your annual bill for paper, envelopes, postage and printing.


Improve productivity

Job management and data access become more efficient, and processes noticeably more time-effective.